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Welcome to the POZ Forums!

By registering, you agree to abide by our website's "Terms of Use" and by the following Terms of Membership for these forums:

When you register, you will need to choose a unique user name, or "handle." You will need to provide a working email address, so that if you forget your password, you can request an automated email reminder. You can choose to make your email address hidden or visible to others using a setting in your online profile.

Only one user name is permitted per member. The user name you select upon registering for the Forums should be the user name you remain with throughout your participation in the Forums. Maintaining more than one user name is a violation of these Terms of Membership and is subject to automatic removal from the Forums, locking of the multiple accounts (including the original account), and banning to prevent future registration.

These forums are moderated, and in order to provide a safe place for our diverse membership, we have a strict policy against threatening or abusive language, or language that is racially, ethnically, sexually, or otherwise objectionable.

Messages posted to the POZ Forums must not contain marketing information, either from a pharmaceutical company; a healthcare provider (i.e., seeking to provide services to the HIV community); or the manufacturer or distributor of a complementary, alternative, herbal, traditional, and/or surgical treatment approach.

The forums are not to be used for research recruitment purposes, unless cleared through the forums administrator by contacting website@poz.com.

The premise of the POZ Forums, along with its parent site (POZ.com), is that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Individuals hoping to use the POZ Forums to disseminate “denialist” or “dissident” information will be automatically banned from the Forums.

The POZ Forums have been designed for HIV-positive people; their caregivers, friends, family, and loved ones; and people who fear they may have been exposed to the virus and require support while testing -- for educational purposes only. Any information received through the POZ Forums is intended to complement, not supplement, communication with a certified healthcare provider. No member or administrator of the Forums is certified to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease via POZ. All information found in the POZ Forums should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

These Forums reserves the right to edit or delete any message for any reason whatsoever, at our sole discretion.

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