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Title: AIDS history on television
Post by: em on May 27, 2020, 02:46:09 pm
 from about thirty or so years ago

 there was this TV show called st elsewhere

mark harmon played a doc who had HIV

sorry I could write everything that happened

it was very good TV drama on HIV

maybe some place on the internet might have the episode

Title: Re: AIDS history on television
Post by: em on May 27, 2020, 08:16:51 pm
the fictitious story of HIV

was telling uplifting and  tragic drama

even if only fiction it gave me hope through some dark times

unlike the raw news and data ,  the story told here was not as scary

as the real life drama unfolding

to bad no one seemed to notice , rather look at the ugly side first and not see the beauty hidden within

I personally do not understand ?


what do I know ?   I have been ultrasensitive undetectable for around twenty years

how many children could be conceived in that time ?

the world is so full of stupidity arrogance conflict anger jealousy and countless other words who has the time to write them all ,

there is not enough room on this planet for anyone  who might think at a different level not so incompetent then   most ,,,

english words ? so not like math and science,

they are to limiting to express true thought


flamebaiting ?? without flame there would be no love and without love there is nothing >
Title: Re: AIDS history on television
Post by: zach on May 28, 2020, 08:36:08 am
First of all, I love you...

So what the fuck is going on with you em? Speak plainly, talk to us if we can help you work it out.

If you're doing all this intentionally, you're being a god damn prick.

If your mind is slipping, get help. Seriously. HAND is a real concern.

Stream of consciousness babble isn't productive for anyone. And it's become your trademark.

Go write free form poetry in an off topic thread, because it feels like you're screaming for attention.

You are making a mockery of this forum, and dragging the level of conversation down. Dublin has bent over backwards to be diplomatic about handling it.

Knock it off, from a friend that's been happy to talk to you for years. Something different is going on now.

Title: Re: AIDS history on television
Post by: em on May 28, 2020, 09:29:16 am
MY apologies to much information in one mind

when I was youngster and I felt this way  from time to time

I would suggest that I was need of a brain transplant

because this one was full ?

My intention is only to try and apparently unsuccessfully to make sense of the free flowing data, information and  structures running in my mind,

I have been encase you could not tell been treated by medical mental health care  professionals since I was about ten for this condition ?  as painful as it has been I feel like their must be someplace some where that my thoughts might make a difference

sorry to overload the your system 

maybe being how my mind seems to function somewhat I should go back to computer programming net work coordinating like I did before I got sick from HIV

I gave it up when I thought my life would be over soon. that was around twenty  five years ago ?   

please pardon my recklessness


how do you know I am not lying

cobal and pascal are sealed systems some say dinosaurs ,  if you do not know the back door you will not get in, C++ and java  anyone can change the source code whenever and however they like ?

I was advised that  my best bet was to study more C++ and make good use of my skills but like so many here HIV had other plans ?

 sorry to burden you with my thoughts