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Title: a story of hate
Post by: em on December 19, 2019, 11:25:56 pm
believe it or not . but do not worry it is only a story

A hypothetical fictitious made up story about life a long time ago back in the early early eighties. the US military at the height of the get those undesirable HIV carrying homos out of our military . I do not know if anyone knows that they used to send military personal to gay bars in search of anyone who is in the military to out them . the  military haircuts at that time stood out against the over the ears long hair of the non military men of the same age .   making them easy to spot. the undercover service men would first gain their trust then in casual conversation ask are you gay? If the individual said yes .  then they would be hauled off and discharged  on the spot . Cause there was no room in the US military for those kind of people .     hatred was the norm and the rule of the land and at that time it was open season on anyone who might not be as manly as others felt they should be  filled with hate and aggression and did not have an  out and out manly hatred for anyone who may think it not the big deal those in a position of authority who made the rules thought it should be .

I need not go on and on and write a novel here but let me try and write  a small event that could have happened at that time to see what might be the reaction and thought about some thirty five years ago something like this might have happened way back in the before time . as in before most of the people who read this  were born . the before you were born time ..

the perfect crime

the US military like I said the mid eighties a group of servicemen just completed a an intensive training program after boot camp to place them into higher classification of service.  After completion of this training they would be assigned to a more elite harder prestigious division . taking pride in their accomplishments . the division officer tells these young men he has planned a celebratory  party for them to to show how proud he was of them for all the hard work they had done . He tells them all to meet him in this housing development he would supply the keg.  so the men show up have a few beers. celebrate their completion of this assignment

so this is the perfect crime . one of the service men the division officer does not like.  he does not feel this man is the hard military man he feels he should be . the division officer thinks the guy is gay  fag homo queer whatever hateful words you might be able to think of along those lines . the young man thinks this guy was extra hard on him during training because that is how the military works . he thinks nothing of it .  so at the celebration the young man drinks with the division officer who says come on this is a celebration of your accomplishment drink up be proud you earned this go ahead have another chug chug  and  so on and so on urging him to overindulge . Smiling in his face giving him extra attention making sure he consumes maybe way more than he   should . why is the division officer doing this let me get to that part .   the young man just thinks this guy is not as bad a person as he had thought and enjoys the opportunity to have a good time .  .   so while the celebration continues . the young man passes out . the division officer tells the other members of this training group to go back to the base . he will  take care of the passed out guy .   then when everyone has left . the division officer goes over the passed out guy wakes him up and gives him more to drink then when he can barely stand and falls down he removes his wallet from his pants pocket . he can barely stand  then says to him where's your wallet? he checks his pants pocket. the division officer says  they will not let you back on base without your ID you are in big trouble with out it  better retrace where you have been and find  it.   so he helps him up and just about caries him over to his car .  He then helps him into to the car  placing  him in the drivers seat and puts the key in the ignition turning on the car for him and sliding the wallet between the door and seat . so there is no evidence connecting him to this hate filled dead.   then says you better hurry up and find that wallet or you will be in big trouble get moving sending him off to certain doom.

I could write a lot more that is life bad things happen , but I would not want to bore you with a pointless story like this . the younger guy would have thought the situation to be his fault  for trusting someone who by every account seemed to hate him .   

tell me what you think did the young guy in this story was at fault , or was he set up to fail by someone he should not have trusted . should I write more or just let this story slip into the forgotten past were things like this belong forgotten and unpunished unnoticed and never given the thought such acts can cause . the young guy driving after this experiences and the division officer who thought he was doing the world a favor by causing this young man to get himself into a situation that the division officer  knew he could not recover from . the division officer got away with the perfect crime .

not to worry it was only hypothetical fiction something like this would never happen in the real world . this is just a story of what could or might have happened given the feeling of hate for those who might not be the manly type the military of that time wanted in there ranks .   feel free to write something about what you think of a story like this .

a story from long ago  the hate filled times of the epidemic of AIDS in the early eighties

thank you and all the best to you

an enlisted man from that time


where should I take this story . on the base they used to put a totaled car on the parade grounds with a sign that said don't drink and drive .  this a story about  one of those cars . did it happen could it happen

maybe sometime I could write another ending about it or fill in some more details or better yet I could just go away and let this type of story die off forgotten and untold about the hate filled things men do

let me know what you think

thank you and all the best to you 


Title: Re: a story of hate
Post by: em on December 20, 2019, 08:05:17 am
so no one thinks this worth a response ?

a different possible outcome might have been .

the young intoxicated service men  might have headed off down the road all over it unable to see through blurred drunk double vision with a mindset drunkenly blurred by the need to find the lost wallet as he drove on all over the road nearly missing a  head on collision with car coming toward him in the opposite direction .  the reality and danger of the situation he finds himself in . he pulls over drops his head onto the steering wheel filled with anger fear disappointment in him self  then  shame guilt and disgust in himself for ending up in this situation tears fall from his face and then filled with anger a rush of blood pressure and adrenaline  from being over come with all these powerful emotions . he might have started to cry and prayed to god for a way out of this danger .  he might have lifted his head now realizing the weight of the situation he now found himself in then might have checker around the seat to see if the wallet had fallen there then  with is left hand reached between the edge of the seat and the door recalling the division officer rolling down the window before closing the door and standing there dropping something in the car .  while the division officer was urging him of the importance of finding the lost wallet telling him how necessary and important finding this missing item to be . then  the dire consequences of losing this all important ID .

 finding reaching and holding in his hand this item the wallet and ID at the time seemed worth risking his life and the life of other people on the road . he then while holding close  the wallet and tries to figure out how it ended up there between the door and the seat  so far back .  recalling the division officer standing there urging to find it and talking demanding that he was in a dire situation with  out it .

he with a rush of adrenaline cleared his head and safely drives to the base to the barracks and joins the rest of his division not giving the situation another thought .

it was just a good time that almost went horrible wrong

an ending to an other wise tragic turn of events

could have happened  but this is just a hypothetical fictitious story not real life cause it really happens the young servicemen went down this path and could have at any time stopped judged the situation to be hazardous and turned and walked the other way . but he did not and there fore this was all the young mans fault . he should have known better .  to trust someone who clearly hated him .

hind sight being twenty twenty and water under the bridge this young man caries on .   not wanting this event to ever come to light because it would be his fault for situation he should have found the strength to just say NO

so far worse things happen and in life far worse things are happening now .  just a short story on what might have gone down , a fictitious read of a situation that could have had terrible consequences that  might have went down .   do you think this a good read or just wasted time telling a outlandish story that would or could  never happen ?

all the best to you