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Title: I've had the funniest dream yesterday
Post by: fabio on November 23, 2019, 07:24:17 pm
As the title says it was quite fun and visually pleasing hehe. I usually don't see a lot of dreams that I remember this Well,it's mostly the same one I have were I float. Anyways,I did want to share it somewhere,just for fun.
Let's start with the place. I was in (what seemed to be) the Pole (either South or north) and people lived there.I was on vacation and went with my parents for sight seeing in a huge glass building. I got stranded (bc I always do that ) and one of the floors had a company that people worked in.
So this blonde guy saw me snooping around his company and offered me a job and I told him "I don't have any qualifications,I'm as dumb as a cabbage" and he said:"we'll find you a job". And I said yes...and they hired me.
The whole place was filled with metallic furniture and the huge glass window had an icy sea view with whales swimming close to the building.
So they oriented me to my new job,AS A STENOGRAPHER LOL. (For some reason I didn't know what a stenograph was,but when I googled it,it was accurate to the dream.
So I did the job,typed some mumbo jumbo while laughing and giggling.
Let's also note that the blonde guy seemed to be the boss,he was cute...haha
Then I woke up to bed head....
Title: Re: I've had the funniest dream yesterday
Post by: Grasshopper on November 25, 2019, 11:46:47 am
You and the blond boss smoked a sigarette afterwards ? ;D
Title: Re: I've had the funniest dream yesterday
Post by: fabio on November 25, 2019, 03:58:30 pm
Haha no,unfortunately I woke up hahha.
The only thing close (remotely) to that was waking up to dog breath......😅😅😂
Title: Re: I've had the funniest dream yesterday
Post by: em on December 04, 2019, 02:16:58 am
Just had this dream while awake

I thought would n it be great if

I started a company that mass produced cannagars cannabis cigars.

like the joke four drunk guys started a fight

four stoned guys started a band

I watched Youtube videos on how they are made now . looks very labor intensive. after working in many factories and machinery . I think most of the work could be automated. again just a dream .   

this way I made a fortune and got travel all over the world managing the mass production all over the globe of this product. 

then what would life be like ?

it was just a dream but it felt great to think of the possibilities to myself and the world .

my luck it is probably already being done by someone else or at least in research and development . I thought of all the places I got to just walk by that I was unwelcome at . opening their doors to me . the things that might happen .

it was only a dream . maybe I should look into it . research and development of ways to automate the production of a way to make such a product .  how it would be rolled and created .  a product like that could help the world to find a way to chill and be better for it .

just a dream I lack the connections and resources for such a thing . maybe  go fund me page ? 

just mentioning it here . someone might get it done .  it was only a dream for me . in the next fifty years . it might be a real product .

that was the dream I had .


all the best to you


Title: Re: I've had the funniest dream yesterday
Post by: fabio on December 04, 2019, 02:40:23 am
Cannagars are quite the idea,we should make that company of mass produced  cannagars 😄.
Even though I don't smoke,many people asked me to roll them cigarettes because I do them well haha. I could save from the machine to save up on electric  😂.
I really love these kind of dreams,where everything seems real and familiar,even though it seems to be seconds you are in that dream. Your dream seems to have that feel.