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Title: optometry appointment
Post by: em on November 12, 2019, 10:20:14 pm
about a year ago maybe more ,I will not go into  the boring drawn out detail about this and what  I thought the cause.    I had asked an optometrist if my double vision if  it might be effected by my HIV. the younger optometrist ears perked up .  I had this very long conversation  I had mentioned that i had been undetectable for as far as I have been keeping track over twenty years . the young optometrist said that is a great accomplishment . I thought my life was just getting by . but to someone I had done something note worthy

just thought this might be worth sharing I will not over load you with stray thoughts

to many years of undetectable viral loads

all the best


Title: Re: optometry appointment
Post by: fabio on November 13, 2019, 05:29:57 am
It's really nice to see posts like yours,full of hope and happiness.
Funny how I read posts from the forum and imagine that we are from all parts of the world and we help each other with support. It makes me quite sad that I can't meet all of you in one place (which is possible in a transatlantic meet up lol).
I remember the last time I went to the optometrist was when I was 13. I had to go there because I couldn't see the notes well when I played the tuba. I always hoped he would give me glasses,because it made me look sophisticated. Rather he said my vision is near perfect and didn't get anything....haha
Hip hip hurray!! To more undetectable vl loads!