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Title: Am I Infected? Please help, losing my mind
Post by: Helpinghand1163 on August 06, 2019, 11:44:44 am
On February 8th 2019 I had protected anal sex with a male of unknown status, I was the top. It lasted about 5 minutes, when I pulled out i realized the condom was broken. 2 weeks after encounter i had the worst flu of my life, sore throat, fever of 103, body aches and this lasted about 6 days. After the 6th day some of my sypmtoms went away but up until this current day ive been feeling very ill still. Swollen lymph nodes in neck, groin, and armpit. Constant headaches with pressure in the back of my head and reaccuring fevers daily. Ive also been having joint pain in my hips and knees, and a bumpy non itchy rash that covered my chest and shoulders. All of these problems have been persisting for the past 6 months. My testing is as follows: went to local PP Clinic- Negative 4th Gen Duo at 2 and 6 weeks and a negative Insti Rapid HIV1/2 at 12 weeks (87 days). Taking these as apparent conclusives, I consulted with my PC Doctor about how ive been feeling but did not inform him of the exposure because I anticipated my previous results as conclusive. He has taken so much blood work recently and everything has come back normal, but he has told me he is concerned about my swollen lymph nodes and reaccuring fever but does not know why my lab results are.coming back with no sign of infection. He has now referred me to an ID Specialist. My question is, would signs of HIV show up in all this bloodwork? And if it doesnt, is that why nothing is coming up and im still so sick? Someone please help, i am very scared and concerned. Thank You.
Title: Re: Am I Infected? Please help, losing my mind
Post by: Jim Allen on August 06, 2019, 12:13:30 pm

Sorry to hear that your sick.  The symptoms mentioned are not HIV specific so keep working with your doctor.

I understand you have tested HIV negative post the Feb encounter so unless you have had other exposures HIV is not an issue. You did not mention if you had an STI's screening though?  If not do ensure you are doing this at least yearly.

Here's what you need to know in order to avoid HIV infection:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, every time, no exceptions. Consider starting PrEP as an additional layer of HIV protection going forward

Keep in mind that some sexual practices which may be described as ‘safe’ in terms of HIV transmission might still pose a risk for transmission of other STI's, so please do get fully tested regularly and at least yearly for all STI's including but not limited to HIV and test more frequently if unprotected intercourse occurs

Also, note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms and the only way of knowing is by testing.

More information on HIV Basics, PEP, TaSP and Transmission can be found through the links in my signature to our POZ pages, this includes information on HIV Testing (https://poz.com/basics/hiv-basics/hiv-testing)

Kind regards


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Title: Re: Am I Infected? Please help, losing my mind
Post by: Helpinghand1163 on August 06, 2019, 12:20:59 pm
Hey, thanks for the speedy reply. Yes at PP I was tested for all other stds which came back negative. My concern would be that all my other bloodwork came back normal for infections and also was tested for any other auto-immune disieases IE lupus or any rheumatoid related problems. So does HIV not affect any of my blood work numbers? And would you consider my test 100% concluaive? Thanks again so much, you guys do so much great work in these forums and for the community.
Title: Re: Am I Infected? Please help, losing my mind
Post by: Jim Allen on August 06, 2019, 01:23:03 pm

The blood work I presume it was a CBC and there are plenty of issues that could cause your symptoms and, result in a perfectly normal range CBC.

You tested conclusively negative for HIV so unless there is some event you are not mentioning the result will not change.  I do hope you feel better soon but put this HIV thought out of your mind and let the doctors do their work.  ;)