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Title: PBS in the south
Post by: em on July 09, 2019, 07:51:56 am
how can people think what they think from the outside looking in

as northerner looking in on  this I found it hard to understand

sorry I have been writing and saving it to my computer were it will most likely never see the light of day. this is an example of how an incident can be seen differently by one group then it would be seen from an outsider looking in 

 I was in the south watching TV . I thought how can you go wrong with PBS. this a recent telling of old story southern style

the story being told was about a northern pencil factory owner who had gone south to open a factory using freed slave labor . just after the civil war in eighteen sixty something .  He thought he could save on shipping and labor costs . A win win situation  .  HOw could this go wrong . let me tell you how it went wrong . IN the south this was considered a moment in history full of southern pride . at least that was my impression from watching the  way this story was told

this southern perspective of events as the story was told .  a carpetbagger up to no good as seen by the local establishment sent to ruin the the very fabric of southern society ?

The unarmed northern entrepreneur was on a ferry crossing a water way. When he was shot in the arm when he fell from the first shot he was sitting on the ferry when a second shot hit him. HE survived the two shots and was  taken to a doctor who removed both his arms . He then went back home .   

Why am I writing this here ? the bad things people do even a long time ago can be told to one audience with a sense of pride. while from the outside it might be seen with a sense of shame and horror for and about those who tell the story .

just saying .    this might happen more often then one might like but such is life .

the eighties are over . ancient history .  the military persecution of any one who might show a tendency to not be as manly as they would like . I was in the military and could tell stories about this moment in history that might be of interest on a site  like this ? sorry to have written so much just wanted to share a story about perspective and how different people see things differently . 

women in the military ?

how HIV made it more acceptable and increased the hate and  fear  toward people who might even be thought of as an unacceptable type of people  fear of these people may have been something worth a thought or two

just thought a subject like this might be of interest

how would this look from a future perspective from the outside looking in and back . some I am afraid to think might even look at this time with pride ?

what if the pencil factory guy's name was Matthew  Shepard ? what in a hundred
years are they going to say about his tragedy ? will some out there mention it with a sense of justification and pride and think it was right thing to do ? well it is a sick world out there and only by discussing such things and giving them the thought they deserve can they be understood and corrected before they repeat themselves
all the best to you

Title: Re: PBS in the south
Post by: em on July 12, 2019, 10:46:22 am
I get the feeling no one seems to notice how this affects our world

spreading the hate. 

while in the military in a training program. this guy walked into the barracks and he showed me a picture of three men in our group. He said do you know that a black man has never completed this program. when I did not say anything to encourage his bigotry. He says they all carry AIDS ? I thought wow this guy is piece of work.  He must have thought this was justification for his way of thinking . that AIDS was the reason for his dislike of those kind of people.     

needless to say two of them did not make it through our training . the one guy who did make it. I saw him when I was deployed overseas . He seemed to be doing quite well. If what the other guy said about there never being one of his kind to complete the training he must have been the first even though I doubt it was true the other guy was just trying to spread hate. 

if I do not tell anyone it is like it never happened . a tree in the forest and all that. 

thank you for allowing me to share this story

all the best to you

Title: Re: PBS in the south
Post by: fabio on July 12, 2019, 02:27:42 pm
Militaries,no matter the country,have unfortunately people like that (even to this day).
I had many people hate on me on the sole fact that I was openly gay (age 19) while doing my army service. Even so,I had my head up high and didn't care what they said about me because I had the balls to stand up for myself and others.