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Title: a story to pass the time
Post by: em on July 09, 2019, 06:32:04 am
I have been working on writing a story about a what if ? it is not easy and maybe even not very good but instead of letting it sit unread and unknown I am sharing the idea here

I will save you the trouble of getting into to much detail.

the synopsis : a group of concerned entities from another place and time maybe aliens or something. they visit us to offer guidance. they are worried that the path we are taking has made them concerned that it  might lead to some catastrophic results. they say they have been here before with some success and some failures but that is life.  they are interested in us and in some way they like us and would not like to see harm befall our growth.   that is the gist of it ?

like all the rest of the stuff I have written if I do not tell anyone about it . IT will never see the light of day and just be forgotten like it never was .

I do not know If I mentioned this but I have no way to see if it is just coincidence or what really happened. while in the military at a base in 1984 I was writing a story about  guy through greed gets traped by his computer ?  this and that . oNe of the guys there said how about machines taking over the world and using people as batteries . I said wow that is way to far fetched. you should have seen the look on this guys face .  I thought his name might have been Wachowsky ?  He says where did you read the story you are telling me ? I said I am writing it for a paperback novel some day .  anyway his story turned out to be a big time success and my story never got completed . even though everyone today is trapped by technology and just does not know it ?

just like most of the stuff I write it never seems to amount to anything

justsomething I thought worth mentioning

all my best to you


Title: Re: a story to pass the time
Post by: Dave_H on July 11, 2019, 05:03:39 pm
Dude, there's nothing stopping you from turning your idea into a real novel. It's not over 'til it's over. That's what I always say.
Title: Re: a story to pass the time
Post by: fabio on July 12, 2019, 01:30:50 pm
It's really nice that you post things like that here. Thoughts and stories should be known by other people and should be documented,even in this humble forum.
I have thought of writing some novel about a modern man living with hiv. Weird,isn't it? The only books about the issues of people living with hiv/aids are only referring to the 80s hiv crisis. Would really love to see something about modern day life.
Of course I think my writing kind of sucks,but I might actually give it a try.
I might write a biography of a man's tragic life,just like the Greek play of Sofocles "Antigone".