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Title: HIV Treatment in France/Belgium for EU Citizens
Post by: beanstalk on July 05, 2019, 03:58:48 pm
Hello everyone,

I recently received a job offer that will send me either to France or Belgium (I currently live in Portugal). I am taking Triumeq.

Can someone help if on what would happen/how would it work if I moved to either one of these countries? Will I be able to get treatment for free as I do in my country? (knowing that I'll be working there and paying taxes)

I spoke with the hospital I'm going to and they can give me some kind of document with my data so I can show to another doctor, but I'm not sure if it will be a fast process. Take in mind my hospital is only giving me three months of Triumeq at a time and it would be really shitty to have to come back just to get the pills (spending holiday days, accommodation, travel etc).

Any info will be much appreciated.
Title: Re: HIV Treatment in France/Belgium for EU Citizens
Post by: riseandshine on July 06, 2019, 10:26:41 am

If you come to France, after you get your social security, you can go to the hospital and they will give you 100% coverage in everything that is related to HIV, meds, doctor appointments, lab analysis.

For all people, it usually takes three months to get the official social security, what you can do is, after you receive your letter from the social security with your provisional number, make an appointment with the hospital and tell them about your condition and that you'll need help with your meds, they'll give you an appointment and in there they will fasten the process to get the official social security number so that you have full coverage.

P.S. do not forget to bring your dossier so that they have your historical data.

All the best!