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Title: Question from my friend
Post by: Hope4life on June 26, 2019, 01:40:01 am
Hi everybody,
I hope you all are doing great.
So today i wanna ask something from my friend, I met him in medical center. He is on treatment from around 2 years and undetectable.  He messaged me that he is a versatile Gay guy. and recently he did btm for a guy. He had anal hemorrhoids.  He did unprotected dipping (Thinking that he is undetctable from last 1.5 years so it will not make difference). however in just one month top guy got sick with fever, sore throat, fatigue. and he is cursing himself for transmitting the virus to him.
according to me UD-UT is a fact and my friend can not transmit the virus in that case.
But i am not sure what effect the this anal inflammation will do to transmission.
Need your views on same....
Title: Re: Question from my friend
Post by: Jim Allen on June 26, 2019, 03:25:00 am

If he's UD for more then 6 months and, taking his meds correctly to maintain suppression HIV transmission is not an issue, other easier to transmit STI's remain a concern of course.

As for his partner, the partners left testicle could fall off it's not HIV from him if he's UD.