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Title: hiv presentation
Post by: em on May 20, 2019, 03:43:34 am
lets see if I can paint you picture through words describing a presentation I would have liked to have done 

imagine if you will an auditorium of nursing students medical students health care providers university students even high school students

made even more poignant that another decade has passed since I Had this idea.

an old fashioned chalk board for all to see .  draw a circle on the board  then  say this is the number of cells in the human body.  a smaller circle saying this is the immune system then draw another circle much larger around the  immune system cells  . say this is the number of viruses I had in my body.  my body being over taken by invaders running through my body unchecked and free to damage my body as they will .  and add my body was giving a valiant effort but was fighting a losing battle that was going to end with my demise. then the new medication came out . the virus went from completely over taking my body . then draw a dot in the center of the circles . this was the number of viruses in my body an almost immeasurable count. known as undetectable levels. I still wait patiently for the day then erase the dot . then say when that dot is no more and not only my body but the health care industry can claim victory over  this virus. then say what my ID doc told me about the viral decrease that it was N to the xth in other words it was remarkable?

I am sure if given the chance  I could have come up with more even better longer presentation giving graphic representation demonstrating the war that was raging in my body called disease.

just thought someone might like to know this before another decade passes and find my self no longer able to even think about things I would like to do when they become the things I wish I could have done if given more time
I know some out there were born after this victory was accomplished being how the year was 1997 when this war was fought and the enemy contained rather than made no longer a threat .     

others here have had the same experience but for me this was my life .

maybe if I went to the hospital and got my viral load from 1996 it would give this presentation more validity . but for now you get the idea . I should be able to get my own medical history from 1996 ?

just fact checked my story
I just googled cells in the human body they say it is estimated that there are 37.2 trillion cells . that changes my presentation to show a circle as my body . then another circle demonstrating viral load at that time was large and increasing while my immune system was a small circle decreasing from 1200 for a about healthy  normal number to single digits   and decreasing over time to just a dot in comparison to what it once was . then the new medication started wining the battle and now the viral load is just a dot . hopefully some day through research  and discovery that dot will be no more . the battle that rages will be no more .

 thank you for letting my write this