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Title: how am I today ?
Post by: em on May 13, 2019, 08:43:08 pm
well it had been a cold winter and a rainy spring so far but the sunshine is trying to make an entrance .

working our way through another year.  133/365 one hundred and thirty three  over   three hundred and sixty fifths  coming up on the half way point in a month and half .

I am truly great full to have not died . but if anyone had said to me thirty years ago I see in my crystal ball . you are going to have HIV then spend thirty years waiting for a cure that may never happen .  I would have said there has to be a bright side ? then they might have said your life will go on like everyone else's   . it is just life do the best you can hold on tight and hope for the best .   

for me
living with HIV another day another handful of pills

I have gotten old blood pressure pills cholesterol pill and lets not forget psych pills just to make sure everything is ok.

I heard something about Don Quixote  the other day . it was something like the idea of thinking to much on life and it all it involves could drive you crazy ?   

just me looking for an excuse for not having the mental fortitude to deal with life the way it is given .

one person sees a six another sees a nine depending on perspective it is all in how you look at something
sorry to have wasted your time maybe some others  out there might feel the same

about HIV and mental health ?

I hope this finds you well 


sorry for my rudeness how are all the rest of you doing this fine day ?
Title: Re: how am I today ?
Post by: em on May 13, 2019, 11:12:23 pm
Was just thinking of this and thought this might be worth adding for the newly cursed by HIV and for those who fear they might get HIV

like everything else with determination fortitude and  whole bunch of good luck achievement can be had

a smile on your face a dream in your thoughts and song in your heart
life can be quite pleasant

friends in life are important as well . as trying as they might be at times 

life can be lived  HIV or not . obstacles befall everyone . HIV is just a another hill to climb and at this point in time not the burden it once was.

trying to think of inspiration for myself and for anyone who might find this