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Title: A Second Opinion
Post by: conquistador on March 30, 2019, 12:27:46 am
Hello, everyone. I was diagnosed in January 2018 and have been undetectable for about a year. My results were 367 copies/2.56 L.

Honestly, I always felt like I may need a second test from a different clinic to make sure SURE but at the time, I just accepted it for what it was. Iíve always been like ďHmmmm...Ē at my results because from what I had learned people who are diagnosed for the first time USUALLY have viral load counts in the thousands, sometimes, millions yet, my viral load count was just 367. And, I had never been tested before.

If I wanted to get a second opinion aka second HIV test, can I do that? Would my undetectable status make it difficult to discover if Iím positive now since Iíve been on meds (Triumeq)? Thank you for your help!
Title: Re: A Second Opinion
Post by: Jim Allen on March 30, 2019, 12:46:00 am

Have you discussed your doubts with your doctor?

See if you really have lingering doubts and, want to put it to rest talk to them see what is said and test if wanted accordingly.

I would guess more tests have been run in the background just not shared with you. It would be odd to start treatment based on 1 single result and normally multiple samples & tests are run from blood draws in the background. Hence would be good to just ask the doctor for peace of mind and put this doubt behind you.

Also UD on monitoring often does not mean not detected but simply means detected just below the limit of quantitation

Best. Jim

Title: Re: A Second Opinion
Post by: Expat1 on March 30, 2019, 06:10:50 pm
I presume that they ran an ELISA test first and that the Viral Load test came after that.

Procedure where I am at is that they run 2 Elisa tests (different versions) and that the viral load confirms all of that.

A low viral load can occur.  My partners viral load was only 2000 when he initally tested.  Also a few people (quite rare) are elite controllers who while infected never get higher viral loads.

If you had those tests the Elisa to start, followed by a confirmation test, and the viral load test.  You can be sure of the result.

The one off measure is not reliable as there is the possibility of lab error.  If in doubt repeat the lab tests of viral load.

PS.  I am not a doctor so run this by you medical professional.