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Title: a HIV memory
Post by: em on March 16, 2019, 02:46:32 am
Am I infected from the eighties a message in a bottle left for you to find

a twenty five year old seem to me to be at this point in my life to be just a child . Goes out on a Saturday night and meets a thirty something year old. the thirty year old seems a bit sad but otherwise a good all around example of a person about town searching for someone else to spend a Saturday night with.   They talk and laugh and make a connection. during the conversation the older person says their intimate other in their life has just passed away. They show of a picture of the loved one to the younger  person. The younger person tries to lift their spirits just by trying to comfort them.  They end up spending the night together. during the night the older person brakes out a condom with a questionable age to it that brakes during the coarse of the physical stress brought on from an interrelationship that might occur from two people engaging in intimate behavior.

something that might have happened to anyone . HIV just happened to be part of it