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Title: (NIH) Discuss Undetectable Equals Untransmittable
Post by: Jim Allen on January 10, 2019, 02:14:14 pm
Not really news but thought I'd add it.

POZ.com full write up:

In short;

National Institutes of Health (NIH) officials discuss scientific evidence and principles underlying the U=U concept.

In the new commentary, NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, MD, and colleagues summarize results from large clinical trials and cohort studies validating U=U. The landmark NIH-funded HPTN 052 clinical trial showed that no linked HIV transmissions occurred among HIV serodifferent heterosexual couples when the partner living with HIV had a durably suppressed viral load. Subsequently, the PARTNER and Opposites Attract studies confirmed these findings and extended them to male-male couples.

Validation of the HIV treatment as prevention strategy and acceptance of the U=U concept as scientifically sound have numerous behavioral, social and legal implications, the NIAID officials note. U=U can help control the HIV pandemic by preventing HIV transmission, and it can reduce the stigma that many people with HIV face.

The success of U=U as an HIV prevention method depends on achieving and maintaining an undetectable viral load by taking ART daily as prescribed. Numerous factors, including lack of access to quality health care, can make ART adherence difficult. To enhance the overall success of U=U, the authors emphasize the importance of implementing programs that help patients remain in care and address the barriers to daily therapy.
Title: Re: (NIH) Discuss Undetectable Equals Untransmittable
Post by: Jmarksto on January 10, 2019, 07:27:02 pm
Thanks Jim, I saw this today and was going to post it too.  I think the real news here is that the US National Institute of Health (NIH) issued a news release from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that U=U. 

These two organizations are very conservative in what they publish -- and the U=U message (not "undetectable reduces transmission by 95%..."), combined with the recommendation to focus on getting and keeping people undetectable, should as the article says have "numerous behavioral, legal, and social implications".  There are lots of very educated people that wield significant power that still don't believe U=U, and this is the gold standard for that message.

Title: Re: (NIH) Discuss Undetectable Equals Untransmittable
Post by: em on January 24, 2019, 12:04:06 am
please pardon my adding to this just some thoughts I had on the subject

like the theory of relativity  that all things are connected. that delta represents amount as in difference of .  delta  E = delta M C squared . . being delta E the difference of energy created equals delta M  being difference of  mass times  C the constant of the speed of light squared proving conservation of energy and mass. nothing is lost in a reaction. making the connection of the  change in energy relative to change in mass.   

just like that small equation this one U=U should yield results

I had always hoped this to be true and in my own life some twenty years ago I believed it but just  wanted to give opposing evidence of what others might have in their minds of what the chances are they they might be taking. to some a small chance if know is not worth taking? so to know the chances are not, as in zero if one thing equals another thing it can be set to zero and once done so therefore not a thing at all . should mean that living with the virus is not the living hell it once was.

to set equals to an equation is set to zero. equivalent is for a rougher calculation and makes room for other factors to be negated ruled out to simplify but not absolute. to use equals makes it absolute by the nature of the mathematical calculation. in other words it is what it is.     

believe me I hope  U=U  Is true and becomes accepted by the greater population.

U=U    verified and accepted by  . the resulting effect and results should be of this information. more people playing it  safe and getting tested 

No longer should any one fear that their life is over after a positive test for HIV. getting treated will mean they will not transmit the virus if they are compliant  with medication prescribed and get to and maintain undetectable level of viral load .

this should result in a fewer  transmittance  and lowering   fear and  stigma.  over time  (  hopefully )

transmittance will still occur unfortunately because some people would think like most of us who have this virus thought before at least for me it was. that would never happen to me I do not have sex with sick people or those kind of people  this happens to other people . I am a good person and bad things happen to bad people. I am safe, why get tested ?  this would not happen to me ?

the result more infections

u=u should get people to test and at least slow the spread of this virus . cause the other recommendation of just say no to sex . well that is a fate some might think and  conclude a living hell worse then death by AIDS and that their lives would be over. people do not want to suffer that fate. using condoms great if you can overcome the desire to just have intimate contact be just that intimate up close and personal  and without barriers, flesh to flesh.

please pardon my adding to this post just wanted to share and express a  thought about HIV. and what might this mean that the medical community accepts U=U and what the results of this  action my personal feelings of what might occur .

to set an equation to zero subtract one side form the other side.

as in do the math

U=U   becomes U-U= zero     , undetectable- untransmittable leaves zero and zero is nothing,  not a thing,  not a chance

safe to go back in the water

by the
mathematical definitions of equals and  zero

thank you for having this place to write to
please pardon my examination and mathematical explanation of terms equals and zero

 and all the best to you