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Title: Help, please! I知 thinking I might have multiple risk factors.
Post by: As727 on October 10, 2018, 10:21:43 pm
Hi, I posted this on medhelp and am just looking for a second opinion for some reassurance, I suppose. I was wondering if someone could help me assess the risk of an encounter I had last night.

I (female) was with a friend (28, white, heterosexual, non-IV drug user, no time spent in jail) and we were fooling around, unprotected. We did not have intercourse, though frottage happened and the head of his penis spent a lot of time around my vaginal opening. I know I would have felt if it was fully inserted, which it wasn稚, but the tip was sort of pressing into my vagina. It could have been inside the very opening, I知 not sure. I知 going to assume there was pre-cum involved. We also used my vibrator and I知 not sure if there was any pre-cum on that when he used it to stimulate my clitoris or inserted it into my vagina. He also ejaculated onto my stomach, then a few minutes later proceeded to finger me and stimulate my clitoris, once again. I知 unsure if there was any semen on his fingers from that.

My dilemma is that I have genital HSV-1, though not a current outbreak, and about 1.5 hours prior I had trimmed/shaved my genital region, including my vaginal opening, and I知 sure there were probably small knicks/cuts. I am also recovering from a yeast infection and still have some burning/irritation around the opening, as well because of that. I guess because of all of this and the rubbing of his penis with possible pre-cum on my possible broken skin and vaginal opening has me concerned.

Side note, not sure if it痴 important but, he used to do crime scene cleanup and I know that they wear protective gear, but I知 not sure if he was ever exposed to any bodily fluids or blood that might致e been of someone with HIV.

I see that I might possible have multiple risk factors and just looking to assess the possibility of exposure, if he has HIV.

Thanks a lot for the help, I greatly appreciate it.
Title: Re: Help, please! I知 thinking I might have multiple risk factors.
Post by: Ptrk3 on October 10, 2018, 11:10:45 pm
From my read of things (and I have read your post carefully), you have not engaged in an activity that has exposed you to risk of HIV-infection.

The HIV is fragile and does not survive in ambient air in such a way that would facilitate infection through fingering, passage onto a vibrator, ejaculation onto your stomach, passage through nicks/small cuts near the vaginal opening, frottage near the vagina, or his pre-activity crime-scene (cleanup) presence.

Genital HSV-1 does not increase your risk, since your risk did not exist in the first place.

Moderators of this forum always presume, for risk-assessment evaluation, that a partner of unknown status is HIV-positive.  Even if your partner had been HIV-positive at the time of your activities, nothing in your post indicates a viable risk for HIV-infection.

Please access this link to learn how the virus is contracted:


If this answer does not satisfy you, simply test for HIV-antibodies six weeks after the event, then at 13 weeks past for confirmation of the six-week results.

If you do decide to test, I fully expect that you will test conclusively negative for HIV-antibodies as a result of the activities you have described in your post.