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Title: Advice? Dr. Tomorrow, I want to change meds Odesfey?
Post by: guitargal on June 26, 2018, 02:50:04 am
Why do some meds say not to be used in patients who have been treated with hiv meds in the past. ?

Edurant, rilpivirine,  that is in Odefsey...

This is from the Edurant.com

EDURANT® (rilpivirine) is a prescription HIV medicine that is used with other antiretroviral medicines to treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1)
in patients:
Who have never taken HIV medicines before, and
Who have an amount of HIV in their blood (called “viral load”) that is no more than 100,000 copies/mL.
Do not take EDURANT® if:
Your HIV infection has been previously treated with HIV medicines.

so then why?.........then the brochure for Odesfy says

Starting HIV-1 treatment,
have never taken medicines
before, and have less than
100,000 copies/mL of virus
in their blood,
their current HIV-1
medicines and whose healthcare
provider determines they meet certain
requirements. These include having
an undetectable viral load (less than
50 copies/mL) for 6 months or more
on their current HIV-1 treatment

So it's ok if the viral load is <50 ? for changing meds, or <100,000 if treatment naive? Sounds strange to me.
I want to change because my cholesterol is really high and also now have high blood pressure, extreme fatigue and lots of pain still and creatine clearance <50.

Had the pain and fatigue start 5 years ago on Complera, after a doc took me off all meds and new doc started complera .  i thought i had IRIS. They said no. like myositis. horrible leg arm hand muscle joint  pain,

so Odesfy is like complera but the new tenofovir... IDK what to do.
I have taken so many meds the past 25 years... i worry about the NRTI causing my pain.
back with d4t I had reaction, then had pancreatitis with ddi? or 3tc..

i have 900 t cells and <50 VL so all is good on that front considering i once had 13 t cells in 1996?  before VL tests so who knows what that number was.

I am so tired of having pain and extreme fatigue. i can't work again and need to earn income. i live alone now and have to provide. my social security does not cover basic living. I hoped switching meds would help. I get so upset and cry about what to do to better my situation that the anxiety gets worse and everything is all gloomy. I pick my self up and say "I think I can, I think I can" but then back to like narcoleptsy,  I just can't keep my eyes open, sometimes at 11 AM, or 3 PM or 6 PM i take naps. How can I work?  then i am up all night.
 that Atripla was a doozy years ago i was a mess with nightmares, screaming and anxiety and couldn't think or eat.

any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thought maybe my cholesterol and BP would go down
Title: Re: Advice? Dr. Tomorrow, I want to change meds Odesfey?
Post by: guitargal on July 20, 2018, 10:56:48 pm
He did not switch my meds. Was not concerned about the high cholesterol. Added a water pill to my blood pressure meds.
Will not prescribe pain meds. He did last few  years and now nothing. I can't work and my life is falling apart.

I can't walk again today. Thought of driving for milk and eggs but even pressing the gas and break pedal is excruciating. I can't believe I have no pain management again. Why? I am not an addict. I took a very low dose when I was on them. I felt more normal and could work a little. I was not constantly thinking about the pain.

I felt good on Wednesday and over did it and now for 2 days I have been in pain big time. I have shin splints in both legs, my thighs feel bruised and super pain full like you can't even touch them and my ankles Achilles tendons hurt a lot. add that to the stabbing shoulder pain and I am ready to jump off a cliff.

What do you do for pain and does your doc prescribe hydrocodone ?