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Title: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: bigchief on October 25, 2017, 10:16:49 pm
Hi Guys,

I'm a 31yr old heterosexual male, have had sex with 5 different women this year(protected everytime, except once earlier this year). I was diagnosed with herpes in late 2015, & have been pretty good about using protection since. My concern started about 2 months ago. I had protected sex with a random woman I might online, she was older than me & ready to go the first night I met her. However, when trying to finger her, she'd say "I don't do fingers", I thought this was weird but respected her wishes. We had sex that night & once again about a week later, used a condom both times. Neither time did the condom break or did I ejaculate. About a week after the last time, I noticed a small horizontal scab on the shaft of my penis. I thought maybe it was a brush burn but it wasn't painful, couple days later it disappeared so I didn't worry about it any more (stupid I know). Fast forwarding to now, the last week & a half I've been waking up in cold sweats nearly every night, had 2 swollen lymph nodes(one which was pretty huge & painful when touched) but they've went down since, loss of appetite the last 2 months. I haven't been finishing regular sized meals when I do attempt to eat. This is all unusual for me & didn't start til after that experience. I know my symptoms probably sound more like syphilis than HIV. My question is if I contracted syphilis from her with a condom on, is it possible to have been co-infected with hiv?
Title: Re: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: Ptrk3 on October 25, 2017, 10:36:14 pm
Your chance of contracting the HIV when wearing a condom is infinitesimal, but, theoretically, yes, it can happen.  There is no such thing as "safe" sex (unless you simply masturbate, but, even then, one supposes, you could have a stroke or heart attack or rupture an aneurysm), only "safer" sex.

Symptoms aside, since we don't assess symptoms on these forums, it is extremely unlikely that you have contracted the HIV because of the activities you describe in your post, regardless of your chances of having contracted other STD's/STI's (again, despite having practiced "safer" sex).

The only thing I can responsibly advise you, for your own peace of mind, is to test for HIV antibodies six weeks after your last "safer" sex exposure, then at 13 weeks for confirmation of your six week results.

I fully expect that your test(s) will be negative for HIV antibodies as a result of the activities you have described.
Title: Re: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: Jim Allen on October 26, 2017, 02:32:05 am
Just to add to this.

HIV can not transmit through intact condom, this has been tested and studied time and time again. The problem with condoms and the main reason for the overall drop in effectiveness is incorrect usage leading sometimes to condom failure. Condoms are designed to shred when they break during intercourse leaving no doubt.

When we say condoms we are speaking of Latex or polyurethane condoms, as HIV simply can not transmit through the intact barrier.

Correct usage includes, making sure that whatever the type of condom being used, you only use approved condoms. In other words check for certification mark (FDA, CE, ISO or Kitemark). This means it complies with safety standards. Check the expiry date and make sure the condom is still in date.

Also to note when using condoms use lubricant, condom safe water-based lubricants makes condoms more comfortable and reduces the risk of breakage. Ė but avoid oil-based lubricants  as they can weaken or break condoms.

As for putting condom on correctly, if incorrectly done it increases the risk of breakage.  Place one on top of the erect penis and pinch the teat at the end of the condom before you start to roll it down the penis. By doing this youíll squeeze out any air bubbles and ensure there is room for the semen (cum).Roll the condom down to the base of the penis.

If it's on correctly it will roll downwards easily. If you've started putting it on the wrong way or youíre not sure then take it off and try again. Even if you have not  t ejaculated (cum) there can still be semen on his penis (pre-cum), so itís important to try again with a new condom. (This due to other STI's and Pregnancy risks)

Finally if you are changing the sex act, than change the condom.

Here's what you need to know in order to avoid hiv infection:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, every time, no exceptions.

Keep in mind that some sexual practices which may be described as Ďsafeí in terms of HIV transmission might still pose a risk for transmission of other STI's, so please do get fully tested regularly and at least yearly for all STI's including but not limited to HIV and test more frequently if unprotected intercourse occurs

Also note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms and the only way of knowing is by testing.

More information on HIV Basics, PEP, TaSP and Transmission can be found through the links in my signature to our POZ pages, this includes information on HIV Testing (https://poz.com/basics/hiv-basics/hiv-testing)

Kind regards


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Title: Re: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: bigchief on December 01, 2019, 05:03:58 pm
Ok here it goes, 33yr old male(straight) & nearly 2 months ago had unprotected sex with a complete stranger out of town after a drunken night out with friends. In hindsight it was such high risk & so very stupid!!! Anyway, Iím almost sure she was positive, I remember her being kind of smelly but not unbearable. I specifically remember her saying ďI really shouldnít be on top of you right nowĒ & I thought to myself that didnít sound good. Not only did I go unprotected but ejaculated 3 times (not inside), I pulled out every time but when I went to shower after getting to my hotel I noticed my penis smelled bad like her & had some white/creamy buildup under my foreskin(forgot to mention Iím uncircumcised, naive too obviously).

The next few days I noticed my foreskin was off color, like dry skin but Iíve never had on foreskin.
I had terrible lower back pain the following weekend & a one hell of an ulcer on head of my penis. No joke the ulcer was nearly the size of a dime. I have HSV-2 so I thought it was just an outbreak from the sex. This past month my sex drive has been super low, so has my appetite. I mean I donít get hard at all, not for porn or my gf. Only in the morning do I get a maybe half the erection I would before, after peeing it goes away til the next day. Having trouble concentrating on anything, on top of that I may have infected my gf who I love & I really donít know if I can live with myself knowing what I did..I feel like absolute SHIT!!!! I googled if itís possible to get hypogonadism from just yeast & not HIV..most results show not likely. My only out is that I could be diabetic, havenít had the best diet the past 2 years. Why would it all of a sudden effect me right after this? Not thinking the sugar is the culprit here.

 I just want you to know I was tested almost 2 weeks ago now & havenít received a call about my results yet. I was told it would only be 1-3 days, I had full panel STD testing & all other regular blood checkups, never has it took this long to get my results. Iím scared out of my mind, donít feel like I can tell anyone. Feeling really hopeless & naive, I canít believe t
Title: Re: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: Jim Allen on December 01, 2019, 05:23:19 pm

Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV from this exposure regardless of your HIV status. The next day & week is far too soon even if you were exposed

Regarding HIV, well the condomless intercourse this was a potential HIV risk, so test at 6 weeks after the encounter with approved blood-drawn antibodies test, this result will rarely ever change, test at 3 months if you wish to confirm the results. Remember to also test for far easier to acquire STI's whilst you are at it.   

Anyway, Iím almost sure she was positive, I remember her being kind of smelly but not unbearable.

I understand you are stressing, however, you are about half a step from being banned permanently from this forum. Living with HIV does not make you smell bad and in this day and age, seriously fuck off, I rewrote this answer 5 times and this was the nicest version I could muster.

my gf.

Obvious perhaps but if I have to mention that if you have been engaging in unprotected intercourse with your partner this would as example meet all the biological conditions needed for acquiring HIV.

Now I don't judge couples that decide to engage in unprotected intercourse, it's often based on trust within a relationship, however, just note this trust or faith does not prevent HIV and any unprotected intercourse is simply accepting a possible risk to you of acquiring HIV.

Title: Re: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: bigchief on December 03, 2019, 08:21:20 am
Truly apologize, I realize how terrible that sounded & in my frantic didnít even mean to type it in that context. Iíve been with a few different women who had similar issues & everything was fine with their sexual health, there was a smell but it wasnít very foreign is what I really meant. Anyway, I appreciate your feedback. Doctor still hasnít contacted me but had a prescription filled for Vitamin D2(50000iu), now my nerves are shot for sure. Itíll be 2 weeks Thursday & never has it took so long, never have I received a call to pickup a prescription before getting called by the doctor. Feeling like itís the end for me..I read online that the D2 is for maintaining bone strength & calcium absorption in positive individuals. Iíve never had issues with this before...scared out of my mind..sorry if the text is too much..I just really donít feel like I can talk to anyone
Title: Re: Is it possible to get HIV with a condom on?
Post by: Jim Allen on December 03, 2019, 10:25:42 am

I read online

You are overthinking things and/or reading things out of context. I would presume you have a simple common vitamin D deficiency unless your doctor has said otherwise. It's such a common issue it affects about 50% of the adult population globally.



In the adult population, 35% of adults in the United States are vitamin D deficient whereas over 80% of adults in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are Vitamin D deficient. In the United States, 61% of the elderly population is vitamin D deficient whereas 90% in Turkey, 96% in India, 72% in Pakistan, and 67% in Iran were vitamin D deficient.