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Title: Not a supportive place here
Post by: rosegold on November 22, 2016, 11:55:17 am
Why would my post be deleted about my husband cheating and being positive but me being negative? I'm still living with HIV. I may not HAVE it personally but I'm LIVING with it in MY life and it's affecting my every day life. Very non supportive to delete my post.
Title: Re: Not a supportive place here
Post by: Ptrk3 on November 22, 2016, 12:16:55 pm
Because you posted identical posts in two separate forums.  The "Living with HIV" forum is for people who have HIV.  You indicated that you are negative, so you are not living with HIV.  Your identical post remains in the appropriate forum "Someone I Care About Has HIV," since your husband has HIV. 

People can respond to your concerns in that forum.
Title: Re: Not a supportive place here
Post by: DANIELtakashi on November 23, 2016, 03:48:12 am
It is not fair to say this forum is non-supportive.
Living with HIV is, in this forum, is defined as living with this virus in the body.
The moderators and the members are very supportive and kind to each other.
We expect to receive advice and kind words but at the same time we are expected to contribute so that we can go on living together.   Not criticizing about what we cannot get from this place.

I hope you understand.
Title: Re: Not a supportive place here
Post by: Jim Allen on November 23, 2016, 12:30:56 pm


Your additional posts have been removed and this thread had been locked.

Members from the moderator team have kindly explained to you the reasoning for removing your duplicate thread and also the reason why you should not post this topic in "Living with HIV"

The Living With HIV forum is open to those who are infected with or directly affected by HIV.

Our Moderators reserve the right to interpret who is "affected" on a case by case basis with a view to preserving the good order of these forums.

There is a separate section specifically designed for people who are HIV negative and care for someone who is living with HIV "Someone I Care About Has HIV" (For friends, family and loved ones of people living with HIV) 

Having duplicate threads open on the same topic is not good order and hence one was removed and the most fitting one to remove was the one in "Living with HIV"

Now you want to debate the moderators team decision to remove your duplicate thread and this is simple, its not going to happen. If a member has an issue with a moderators decision please use the report to moderator feature and you're concerns will be considered.  Starting threads to questioning a moderators decision will result in a warning and the thread will immediately be locked. The thread is purely flame-bating and this is an offense itself. 

Ill add that personally I never understood the level of "drama" that people have in this day and age surrounding HIV diagnose of someone else. You say the issue is not HIV but the cheating, well as the concern is not HIV move on from here and seek help regarding the relationship if you feel that is needed.

Anyhow long story short, Starting threads to simply question a moderators decision, debating it instead of the accepted channels, Flame-bating and posting erratically - 28 Day Time out.

If you return I suggest you do so in a more calm manner towards the members here and keep in mind this is a forum focused on care and people living with HIV so I have a slightly limited tolerance for HIV negative people who have unrelated drama.