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Title: How Can I help my friend to get Sculptra treatments???
Post by: Scaredandhiding on July 18, 2012, 03:02:14 pm
I writing on behalf of a friend. Almost two years ago I talked my friend into getting Sculptra treatments. He doesn't work and has been trying to get on Social Security for almost 3 years. When he first became ill in 1994 he was put on SS right away, but then because of the HIV drugs he got better and chose to go back to work. He was working a full time job as a manager of a store. After several years of working 60 to 70 hour weeks and because of the HIV drugs he had to have heart surgery in 2008 and his health went down. Doctors put him on a strict diet and that's when he started his wasting syndrome. He then became a closet case and would not leave his house or have any kind of life. I did manage to get him some help and he had two treatments of the Sculptra. Since he had no money I managed to save up enough money to pay for the two treatments at $500.00 each session. Well I paid for one and a half sessions.... I still owe the doctor $250.00 and I can't afford to pay him because I broke my back and lost my job. Even though my friend only had two treatments, we could both see a huge difference in his face. But now almost two years have passed and he's in need of more treatments. I can't afford to do anything for him and it breaks my heart to see him hiding in his mothers home ashamed to leave his house for even a simple walk. He has secluded himself from all and any friends again. Can anyone please tell me how I can get him some help? We have no money, but I could come up with a couple hundred dollars in time. I hate seeing this wonderful person "Scared and Hiding" so that no one will see him....again it just breaks my heart. He is a very good looking blond with blue eye's that looks so wonderful when he gets the Sculptra treatments. He's so deserving to be with someone and share his life with someone. It would truly break your hearts also to see him live as he does. Please I'm begging with all my heart for some help for him. We live in Daytona Beach Florida, 32118 if you can help in anyway please let me know I am desperate for him. runcut@live.com

Sharon  :'(