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Title: sad not to take meds
Post by: kanika123 on November 24, 2010, 11:07:40 am
this not the right place i know,
but i have to ask why a lady i know who was first dianoised with HIV in 2005,she told me she was taking antivirals to keep her cd4 count up etc.i just seen her in hospital last month she never took any arv s ....why i will never know as she is thai and now she has lost her ability to speak english.and has a fungul infection in her brain and big sores all over her body.
the doctors sent her home to die 3 weeks ago and she is still here.her parents are taking care of her and have stopped all anitbiotics etc....they are waiting for her to die,her cd 4 count is 17.can any one tell me why she would not take her arvs........she has so much to live for.she was in her last year at uni and i bought her a new car she has a shoe shop in her city and a new house i did everything to make her want to live.because 3 years ago she told me she wanted to die and make it easy for every one (her family i think she means)now every one is very upset and she is getting so thin and weak,every one has given up on her .now i dont know what to do.....maybe just be there and feed her i talk with her but not sure if she understands me,she pulls the bed linen alll the time and want to turn over every 5 minutes and she is in pain and all they give me to give her is parasetamol (sorry about spelling)i asked for morphine but they said can not we are in thailand.this is all crazy like i am in a bad movie.
all i can do is give her soup about 5 teaspoon then she is full and a little water.and tell her stories about the past then