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Title: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: MSPspud on June 02, 2006, 04:17:45 pm
Ok, after being on here for over a year, I will finally formally introduce myself as well.  

My name is Jason and I am a 31 yo gay male, formerly known as UofMurbs on the old forum.  I was born and raised in Green Bay, WI but currently live in Minneapolis, MN.  I have been positive since 2002 after a stint with crystal meth, which I somehow managed to use in graduate school (MBA) and still pass.  I currently work for a large US bank as a business systems consultant in marketing.  In fact, I just got promoted and will start this new position on Monday, June 5th.  I am rather nervous but excited as I’ll have the opportunity to travel, make better scratch and utilize more of my education.  

On a personal level, I am in a relationship with a negative guy.  We’ve been together for over a year now and share a townhouse in south Minneapolis (where all the gays seem to live).  We have a couple of cats, a Siamese and an overly affectionate orange tabby.  Hopefully in the next couple of years we’ll have enough to move to a bigger place in downtown where we can finally ditch our cars !!

For my list of interests, I am fairly political and am incredibly proud to be from Minnesota which is one of the most Democratic states in the US.  I have a sticker on my Honda Civic, which says, “Proud to be from a Blue State”.  I volunteer for our local AIDS organizations by delivering meals monthly, manning booths at various events and by raising A LOT of $ for the MN Aidswalk.  Most importantly, I make sure to vote in each and every election, no matter the size as I realize local politics do more to effect our daily lives than the national scene.  

For much of my life I have been outgoing as I was the first person to come out in my semi-rural high school at the age of 15.  In the early 90’s this was not an easy task but if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.  Today I am a little less out there as I enjoy to watch a lot of movies, play computer games and enjoy being a sarcastic ass to friends and family.  In the end, I just want to say I’ve had balance… nothing too exciting but a fulfilling life all the same.      

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Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: newt on June 02, 2006, 11:15:20 pm

I guess you hire to drive south  then, to avoid being shot :)

Good to know more about you, maybe, next time I am illegally in the US of A we can share one of your pissy-weak beers n get to know each other more (beer aside, it's not important, no-one voted in Iraq cos of Buds).

The newt (matt)

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Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: RAB on June 03, 2006, 09:04:22 am
Hi Jason

Thanks for the intro buddy!  It seems like we've got a wave of introductions going on.  There's a lot a person never knows about other members here, unless they do what you and other have done with these intros!  I love it!

(Who thought Jason was a state trooper or something, didn't know he worked for a  bank.)
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: Lisa on June 03, 2006, 01:20:49 pm
.......but you do look like you could be a state trooper. I can just see you sidling up to the drivers window with those mirror shades on sayin' "You're in a heap of trouble boy!" ;D

What a lovely intro. You have a beautiful city.
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: MSPspud on June 03, 2006, 11:56:05 pm
I am always up for a pissy weak beer.  If anyone of you fly through here, let me know and make it a Miller Lite!!!

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Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: MSPspud on June 04, 2006, 02:49:04 am
(the pics above)  a little less like a state trooper ?   :P
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: Catman on November 07, 2006, 05:42:41 pm
Hi Spud;
           I've read your intro quite a few times and really enjoy looking at the pictures. Nice skyline of the city! Post a picture of your cats sometime...I'd really like to see them. Take care.
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: anniebc on November 07, 2006, 06:25:16 pm
Damn these brain cells..I'm losing too many too quickly..it wasn't until I looked at the black and white photo that I realized who you were..I didn't recognize you from your latest avatar...thanks for the re-introduction.

Jan :-*

Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: Queen Tokelove on November 07, 2006, 06:37:35 pm
Nope, you still look like a trooper to me. Actually you look like a cop that pulled me over once. He was a sweetie and helped me to beat the case for the tickets. Not all cops are assholes....We have some that are in these parts.
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: Longislander on November 07, 2006, 10:44:01 pm
Hey Jason, you are CUTE! Couldn't tell so much from the pic that was on your avatar!
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: srmn98 on November 08, 2006, 01:06:01 am
Hey Jason,

Nice to meet you --  we live in the same part of town. :) 

Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: Cliff on November 08, 2006, 02:53:48 am
Hey Jason,

Thanks for the introduction.  I've always enjoyed your posts and you've always come across as a very level-headed person.  Thanks for posting and see ya around fella.

Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: MSPspud on November 08, 2006, 10:29:39 am
Oh boy... this old thing has been drug up  ::)

That's cool though.  Thanks for the responses, everyone.  I am a happy man today w/ the election results in MN but am still pissed that we have a Republican governor.  I guess w/ the legislation being so heavily democrat it's the only balance of power we have.  OK, we also have a weasel senator too, Norm Coleman, elected a Democrat and then switched parties while in office.  His day will come though.  I am also a little upset about Wisconsin defining marriage and enacting the death penalty, but I am considering it reinforcement for why I moved out of there in the first place. 

As for other updates since June...  I haven't really traveled much for work since June b/c of budget cuts and non-essential travel being put on hold.  In the upcoming year things should change as I settle into my new role and take on the training role.  Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you for a dinner or lunch!  Most of my travel on a personal or business note is west of the Mississippi.  Look out, Cliff and Rab  :)

Jan, I am glad this post made it to the top of the heap for you to connect the dots!  I've always respected you and can't wait to meet you at an AMG.  I swear I will make it to one soon.

srmn98, I still need to read your intro.  As you know, Mpls is a small town and I bet I can figure out this mystery. 

Longislander, thanks (grin).  I should mention I have a difficult time w/ flattery but it's appreciated.

Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: david25luvit on November 08, 2006, 10:34:16 am
Well Jason...you're as cute as ever....and Yes I remember you from the old forum.
You're definitely tops in my book (despite being a Yankee)
Thanks for the Official introduction......
Great pictures too......
Title: Re: Formerly UofMurbs (Introduction)
Post by: J.R.E. on November 08, 2006, 08:13:41 pm
Hello Jason,

I remember you very well as Uofmurbs on the old forums. I didn't realise you were MSPspud.I must have missed this post somehow back in June...  :P Almost missed this one too...

The Best--------Ray