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Where to buy extra medication in Argentina / Online?


Hello everyone, hope you are having a good end of year!

I am under treatment for about 4 months now, I'm taking generic Dovato , called Zevuvir L Pack (Dolutegravir 50mg + 3TC/Lamivudine 300mg).

In my place of residence, Argentina, HAART medication is state regulated, and I'm having a hard time with my medical insurance to authorize my meds this month - I guess it's due to the holidays (generally speaking, things get very busy / complicated this time of the year).

The problem is that I was planning to go for some short vacations, but due to this problem I'm gonna be on the verge of having to come off my meds for a few days, as I was unable to get my monthly supply beforehand as planned.

I've been calling my medical insurance for help but they say that there was a problem and delay this time, so it might take longer this time for my meds to be available at my local pharmacy.

My question is:
Does anybody know where one can buy a monthly supply of Dovato or dolutegravir 50mg + 3TC/lamivudine 300mg locally or online?
It would really help for me to have a spare monthly supply so I can avoid this kind of trouble in the future.

Hope this inquiry is not against the rules, I'm just looking for alternatives so I don't have to suspend my meds and be at risk of developing resistances.

Thanks in advance.


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