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Where to buy ART in Bangkok

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Hi, anyone knows any legitimate place in Bangkok to buy ART using a prescription from out of thailand? I have been planning to order from pulse clinic silom, bangkok but how legitimate this place and their medicine? Pulse clinic send me price for Biktavy one bottle 30 tab 5590 THB . Or anybody knows any other clinic or phamacy who can dispense ART ?

Due to another covid year ahead, again facing challenges to find my ART 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Pribta Clinic is where I get my drugs from (11th floor at Chamchuri Sqaure so easily accesible on MRT)

 and previously from the Red Cross which is the other main alternative

Hi Nathan,

Pulse clinic in Silom is legitimate as far as I know. I've been there only once for a consultation.

I do recommend Thai Red Cross Anonymous clinic near Lumpini Park, not far from Pulse. I"ve bought my meds there ever since and I know they now have Biktarvy available, though I don't remember the price.

The cost of the meds is usually widely cheaper than at private hospitals, though these are another possible place where you can buy. I'm not sure if Red Cross accepts non Thai prescriptions but I guess you can easily get one from a local doctor if you present your medical records. Unless you're outside of Thailand, then you may try to contact them and ask.


Here's the price list:

Biktarvy is 2250 thb for 30 pills, about 65/70 USD

I paid around 3600 Thai Baht per bottle for Biktarvy from a private hospital which is part of the Bangkok Group. Thai Red Cross would be understandably cheaper.


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