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I am on Genvoya now and I am thinking of switching to Dovato simply to reduce the number of hiv medications I am taking (2 vs 4). Just curious about people's experience taking Dovato. Thanks for the feedback !

Jim Allen:
I've heard both good and bad stories like with any combo.

There are a good few people asking the same question and people sharing their experiences if you search, below are a few example threads that might be of interest or help:

I'm taking Truimeg myself, which contains the two drugs found in Dovato but with ABC added. The dolutegravir is okay, I love it but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Anyhow, hope that helps and wish you well if you decide to switch.


Thanks stud. Just took my first dose of Dovato today.


I switched from generic Complera to generic Dovato (the only available where I live) exactly 1 year ago. I had some troubles with my sleep and dreams the first month but after that things improved.

To me the single best benefit is that I can take it without food, which was mandatory with Complera and causing a lot of hassle.

I was also hoping that my kidney function could improve (borderline high creatine) but after 1 year and 2 blood tests, it's exactly the same. So Complera (Tenofovir) wasn't the culprit as I suspected/ hoped.

For the rest, I don'thave other noticeable side effects and I'm satisfied with the switch.

Good luck

any weight gain or loss???? im having a hell of a time with weight gain,, i believe from the genvoya and biktarvy,,,, would a switch to dovato be beneficial to lose weight possibly???


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