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A Question For The Triumeq Takers

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I have been on a two pill regime equivalent to Triumeq for seven weeks. I was switched from Complera to Biktarvy to Triumeq due to high serum creatinine levels. For the first 3 weeks everything was OK but since then I have been slowly going down hill. I expected some settling in period as it is three new drugs for me but things are getting worse.
Currently I have no energy, get out of breath walking about 750 meters, headaches, sensitive skin round the abdomen and lower back, and now coughing. I checked the Triumeq web site for the symptoms of an adverse reaction and they seem very generic. I have no rash or stomach pains but some of my issues are listed.

My question is, did anybody else taking Triumeq experience these symptoms, if so at what time frame? I shall address these with my health care provider tomorrow probably, not going to wait till March but a heads up from board members who may have experienced the same would be good.

I take it in the mornings, tried with food and without, no difference. I feel sick about 30 minutes after taking it. I also did not have the specific test to check for possible reactions prior to starting. My Dr just said take it and see how you go.


Jim Allen:

No issues with Triumeq myself, except the sleep but morning dosing resolved that. Hypersensitivity was checked before I started treatment.

Anyhow, hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted.


I've been on Triumeq for just over 2 years and I haven't had any issues.  Proior to that I was on Atripla and had the typical side effects with that.   

Just work with your healthcare provider and see if it's due to the new Rx or if something else is going on.

Wishing you the best. 


Triumeq failed me, put me into rhabdomylosis. My symptoms were rather unlike yours except the no energy part. Now doing ok with Genvoya. You’ll likely need to switch meds.

Finally got to see my Dr today. She assured me it is not hyper sensitivity to the Abacavir. She suspects the culprit is the Dolutegravir. Offered to change it for Edurant but I turned it down. I will continue and see what develops. Switch from taking it in the morning to lunch time with a larger meal. Possible the full stomach may take away the nausea. May just be a case of needing some time to let the body adjust to the new meds.


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