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Found i am poz 10 hours ago

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Jim Allen:
Whatever the outcome, things will be alright in the end.

Take it easy.

I received my results
It is hiv type 1
I already applied for meds but i will not receive them before a month due to my country regulations
I did cd4 count and it was over 700
I don't know what to do now
My plans are shattered, the issue of telling my wife is another thing
I feel totally hopless, can't even think straight about it

Jim Allen:

I presume they run an HIV differentiation assay then. You will still need further test results to confirm and a VL, I am presuming this has not been run yet.

Look I've moved your post for now to the "Just tested positive" however please only post in this one thread for the time being.

--- Quote ---My plans are shattered, the issue of telling my wife is another thing
--- End quote ---

Why are your plans shattered? Telling your wife might be a difficult conversation, keep in mind you can't control how others will react, you can only control what you say.

I did westplot confirmatory test, my plans are shattered as regulations of immigration consider me inadmissible

Sorry about your diagnosis, though you still need a Viral Load test. 

Everytime a door shuts another one opens.  Time to start thinking about a Plan B, maybe even a plan C,D, and E.

If you are to be deported.  It is time to evaluate other options.  What is HIV treatment like in your home country?  What kind of medicines are supplied in government programs? How do you qualify for those programs.

What skills do you have that might be useful in  a country with a more liberal immigration policy?

Good luck, keep us posted.  Perhaps try reaching out to others with HIV in your home country and in the one you are currently in.


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