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Found i am poz 10 hours ago

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Hey everyone
This is an update
I finally told my wife, sure she started crying specially that she knew it was a cheating.
She did the test yesterday and the result shown today, it was a negative.
I feel extremely happy about it, specially that i waiting for a baby boy.
I explained to her all of my case, and tomorrow i am going to start on meds.
I feel that she calmed down now, she was very sad and waiting for her result.
I still don't know if she gonna stay with me or not, but i do have a feeling that she will.
Anyway i hope for all of you health, long life, and finally this burden is out of my chest.

Congratulations that you were able to do the right steps from the beginning. Your bravery will set the stage for a hopefully happy, long life to come for you and your loved ones. Best Matt

Hope the best for all of us thank you for your kind words


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