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I am HIV positive and want to know what should my Doctor be testing
for. I know T Cells and Viral Load is 2 things.

I had to move to Indiana from  San Diego and it seems that I used to have my blood tested for more  then 2 things when I was in San Diego(I just don't know what.)..
Can someone help me and give me some ideas so I can tell him when I go
Thank you,
Jim G.

Hello Jim,

This site has a great lesson on the blood tests that will be required. It also gives an excellant explanation of those test.

Click here for that lesson>

I think you will find this quite helpful


 CD4- A measure if how strong the immune system is( the higher the better)

CD4 (percentage)--Tells about the same, but is more reliable without as much variability

CBC--(complete blood count)/ white blood cells,red cells,and platelets

Chemical profile-- Over 20 tests assessing: sugar, kidney, liver, electrolytes, and nutrition.

Amylase/Lipase-- Assess for inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitus)

Hope you find this helpful/ Take care-------Ray


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