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Title: Been working Ö
Post by: delilah07 on June 23, 2022, 04:46:27 pm
I am now a pharmacy clerk. And I do not directly deal with the public, yet I feel like Iím contributing to something good. This just feels like a good job for me. As I do not like when people overly talk or banter.
I guess banter is good because it says someone can think on their toes. But I donít ever hear a unique reply.
Iím not that witty anyway. I always have other thoughts on my mind. What people mistake as stupid is actually me trying to figure things out.
Like I have to go without manicures as Iím buying my Mom a new cell phone. Thoughts like that. Maybe more like planning.
Then my siblings may need my help, so Iím really thinking on how to provide for them. Theyíre adults, but rely on one another to get by. I canít stand the thought of them being homeless.
So I guess I have not worries, but concerns and I trying to get by these obstacles.
But it will work out. My siblings have incomes. I know they would help with bills and rent. Then my Mom is in a care facility. She went in unable to stand. Now she can not support herself to sit up. Itís been off and on for two years now.
Thatís why Iím buying her a phone. So she can call me long distance.
Besides all these worries my husband has low T and ED. So no way to relieve the stress. I drink occasionally. At least my house gets cleaned during my moments.
I canít rant without saying how my husband and daughter really help. He works hard and my daughter cooks meals.