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PSA test -- what next!


Hi all

I'm hoping someone can share their experience with me on PSA and prostate testing.

I did my PSA antigen testing and a rectal ultrasound a few weeks ago. Doctor's office calls me today, wants to see me, but no apparent rush (as the appointment I got is two weeks away). Of course my  mind is now going off in a million directions.

I'm going to assume that something showed up. My symptoms had been only the occasional decrease in urine flow (aka forcing), none of the other common symptoms, at all.

Have you done this / been through this? What to expect?



Hi Cal, routine PSA testing and linked prostate exams are routine procedures. While I understand that your mind goes in many directions, you need to wait and discuss the specific results with your doctor. Anything else will not be helpful. But I agree that the rather not urgent appointment suggests that there is nothing that needs immediate attention which always is a good sign. Best Matt

If you are over 50 expect the Dr to tell you that you have an enlarged prostate. Probably picked up by the ultrasound. It is a very common issue as the prostate keeps growing as we age. I had similar issues a few months back, urination problems, getting up at night. My PSA test was good but ultrasound not so good.
I wouldn't worry about it, if they suspected cancer I would have thought you would have been straight back.

All part of getting older.

Thanks Dave and Matt for the reassurance!


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