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Hi all.   I am 66 and on Medicare with Aetna.  I know many doctors don't want to take on new patients, especially those on Medicare.  On one hand they don't get reimbursed very well and in these Covid days they may be too busy, short staffed and have too much paperwork.

In any event I am looking for a new Infectious disease doctor who will take a new, older, still healthy patient on Medicare. Preferably here in NYC,  in Manhattan or Queens, or Brooklyn.  Gotham Medical is not taking new patients and currently I'd prefer a single doctor, not a large clinic type place though I'm open to any feedback.  Thanks in advance if anyone can help.


Firtunately things worked out well with my current medical provider.  A couple of blood test glitches got straightened out and personally I interact well with him.  And doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are sadly leaving the profession.  So one must keep ther eyes and ears open just in case.  A happy and healthy New Year to all, may Covid become a distant memory and good things come to all.

Keep on truckin'

We looooove ya!!

Thanks Zach.  I appreciate that in these difficult times for so many good folks.


Hi Jody,..

I am glad that things worked out for you ! But your right, it can be a little tricky navigating through the medicare system, especially in these trying times.

Happy New Year !



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