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A big surprise

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I just received the results of my blood work and I couldnít believe my eyes. 4 months ago my CD4 were 160, I was so disappointed because during these 2 1/2 years in treatment the highest I had had was 201. I started treatment with 100, and they have been fluctuating between 140 to 199 and 201once. I did my blood work yesterday and I was afraid to be disappointed again when I saw the notification telling me that my results were ready. I opened the app and the result was 265 and 24% !!!! I wanted to jump up and down, but instead I decided to share with you all. If I have shared my frustration, then I have to share my happiness as well.


It's a great feeling,... Isn't it !!    Enjoy !!   8)

Thanks for sharing the good news with us! Congrats, very happy for you!

Thatís great new for you. Thereís a big relief in getting it up over 200.

Took me over 2 years too, thought it would never happen. Think Iím about 319 last check but Iíd donít even think about CD4 anymore.

Brazilian Friend:
Great news, very happy for you my friend!  :)


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