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Hello there. Hi guys ... Hope you are fine...
Today my cousin's husband has COVID and fever too , even though both double vaccinated 3 months ago.

My doctor from hospital called me and told me to be careful to call him when something happens , if I have symptoms, because normally it's not effective (double vaccination) after six months...

So I have to wait after a week contact with her to be vaccinated with the third dose .

Jim Allen:
Yeah, Covid infections will happen to people. Hope they are feeling okay and at least the vaccine reduced their hospilization risk.

The waiting is to be expected if you were a close contact.

I'll move these posts to the vaccine thread when I get home.

Jim Allen:
CDC Tells Pharmacies to Give Fourth COVID Shots to Immunocompromised People

People with moderate to severe immune suppression are eligible for a fourth COVID vaccine dose.

I got my fourth Pfizer today.


--- Quote from: Bucklandbury on February 03, 2022, 12:54:28 pm ---I got my fourth Pfizer today.

--- End quote ---

Still only the 3 Pfizer, in both Ed and myself. Ed is not immune compromised. He is HIV negative



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