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Homeopathy and increase T cell counts

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Hello all,

long time Poz (35 years!) and have a question.
Has anyone had firsthand success with homeopathic or ayurvedic medicines to assist  in improving T cell counts ? My T cells are trending in the wrong direction (around 300) -they were mid 400's

In these last 35 years, I have seen every crackpot, quackery, snake oil supplement being sold (and even tried a few, DNCB , anyone?). So, I know a lot of what is out there is BS- Wondering if anyone has had first hand success with non traditional supplements .

thanks for your nice comments.

Jim Allen:
Not trying to be mean but ill be clear to avoid disappointment. Anyone reacting to this post saying snake oil or an unproven treatment worked is going to get the boot.


--- Quote from: Dfwguy on June 17, 2021, 11:59:10 am ---My T cells are trending in the wrong direction (around 300) -they were mid 400's

--- End quote ---
since cd4 counts can change by 100 pts within a single day,  this change may mean very little. how long is the trend you have been tracking? Also since cd4 count (quantity) is not indicative of the strength (quality) of cd4s, a lower count doesn't necessarily mean a decrease in immunity or "health".

unfortunately, besides taking ARVs to stop HIV from killing cd4s and a general "healthy lifestyle" (proper diet, exercise, etc), there is no proven way to increase cd4s

Hi Dfwguy, I to am a  long term survivor. 33 year Poz and I did not start on HIV medications until 15 years later after I was diagnosed, because of this extremely long delay I am sure I acquired a lot of immune system damage as well as gut immunity damage.
I have used micronutrients in a synergistic fashion to help me deal with several issues that I have had related to this delay, but unfortunately I have found that there are no micronutrient combinations, or any other type of adjunct therapy that can increase CD4 counts other than HAART. I have been searching for what you are are hoping for, for more than 20 years, but it just does not exist.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I appreciate it- my t cells have been trending downward about a year now. My Doc is not too concerned, so I will stop worrying about it. I am now 60 years old- (never expected to hear myself say that !) it sounds like proper nutrition, exercise, blah blah blah is still the way to go- I was at Asian grocery store and passed by aisle of ‘health teas’, etc. and it got me wondering.    Thanks again for taking the time to reply- Cheers !


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