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Recreational drugs (bath salts) and CD4+ count


Until the end of last year I never used any drugs, even cigarettes and alcohol.Unfortunately, for a few months I took bath salts every weekend, sometimes more often - chemsex parties.Today, I received my labs and I'm scared about my CD4 count. In my county it isn't a good idea to talk about drugs with my ID. My ID simply claims I shouldn't take it, because I can lose consciousness. I never expected it. She doesn't tell me anything that can decrease my labs.

Do bath salts and GBL cause decreased CD4s itself?

How long can it take to recover CD4 when I stop taking it?I never missed any HIV pills, I always count them. My CRP is low. Maybe it is only a STD.

Thank you for your advice.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---Today, I received my labs and I'm scared about my CD4 count.
--- End quote ---

You got the results and are scared. What were the results?

Your past results were floating around 12-14%


--- Quote from: multifan on May 20, 2022, 07:37:29 am ---Until the end of last year I never used any drugs, even cigarettes and alcohol.Unfortunately, for a few months I took bath salts every weekend, sometimes more often

Thank you for your advice.

--- End quote ---

What one does in one life is their own free will & choice, and I wish you well in every way.

Be very careful with the "bath salts", I'm guessing meth, right? It is highly addictive, & an incredibly nasty experience if you do, I know first hand because it happened to me about 14+ years ago. What was a bit of fun over a few weekends with some girls over in Asia (it's a common drug over there), turned very fast into frequent use for days unend and continued over a year or two. I went down from fit & muscular 90kg to 67kgs skinny & terrible looking, & it messes up every aspect of life. Thank God, I got off it myself.

Usually it is made from vile chemicals too, so God knows what damage it can do to your brain, body & health.


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