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HIV from bleeding mouth..?


I am aware this is not likely, but I need to speak to someone, please bare with me:

I am still in the window period after a potential exposure, so I don't know my status.
Today while eating I bit terribly my lip, causing a huge canker sore on the inside of my it. Also my gums bleed whenever I use a toothbrush, thirdly my lips are always chapped and hurt.

A few hours later, I had dinner with someone, and I decided to not engage on sex with him because of my unknown status, but we did kiss and he was too bit aggressive... he bit my lip a few times.
I fear my sore had not healed enough or that he reopened the wound/inflicted a new one.

I didn't expect he would be biting me, that is why I though thought it was ok to just kiss. I don't know how healthy his mouth was.

I googled and I saw there is 1 reported case of transmission due to rough kissing.

Can I be calm? was there danger for him??

Jim Allen:
There is no confirmed case and your date had no HIV risk from you.


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