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Mohs on the nose

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They cut it off, to spite my face.

It was barbaric. I was awake. They'd cut, then biopsy, leaving me to chill for about 30 minutes each time. Then they'd come and cut again. 4 times all morning. 5th time they borrowed skin from around my ear to rebuild the nose, and stitched me up.

Today I changed the bandage for the first time, and the doctor called. They want three rounds of chemo after it's healed

Nuke it from orbit, nothing here worth saving


For background

Hey Zach,

Sounds as though your doctor, is right on the ball. Did they tell you, whether it was a basil or squamous cell, that they were removing?

When I had the Basil cell on my nose removed, it wasn't mohs sugery.

But they did the Mohs on my toe, when I had that done, a few months back. Every small layer they took off, it went quickly to the lab, and the results came back on the loud speaker in the operating room,( that I could hear) until the results came back negative.

Yes, any cancer on the face can be brutal at times. Did you have two black eyes. I did, after my nose surgery.

Sounds as though your doctor is being precautionary with the chemo. My neighbor went through the same thing, and also had a couple rounds of chemo done. She has been fine since. She had it on the lower lip.

Take care-----Ray

Hey ray,

I remember when you were going through this.

Basal cell carcinoma is what was removed. And yeah, the extra treatment was recommended as precaution.

I used to deep dive research every medical issue I faced. Now, I dont know the difference between basal or squamous... sarcoma or carcinoma.

I just sit in the chair and do as I'm told.

Black eyes, side of my face is swollen but that's going down. Haven't shaved for weeks, probably won't for weeks.

Stitches around my ear are clean, that will be a fine scar behind my beard line.

My nose looks... gnarly... trying not to fixate or stress... just telling myself it will heal. Give it time.

Right now I terrify little kids. Small pleasures.

That sounds painful.. wishing you a speedy recovery.

After fighting back a sneeze all week, I lost control today and had a fit.

It didn't hurt nearly as much as I feared.

I did clear my sinuses though. A disgusting rocket of dried blood, snot, and lidocaine shot across the deck.

Dog thought I threw a ball, spent the next ten minutes barking at a pile of snot

Suddenly I can breathe and smell.


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