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Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: pozzitive on April 21, 2022, 08:23:40 pm ---Genvoya. It says there is a small interaction but nothing serious.

--- End quote ---

Okay cool. Yeah, that's why I was asking.

So what is scaring you about taking Paxlovid?


 First of all, I want to say that you ALWAYS calm down my main stupid worries. I am scared of medication, always have been. Scared of having allergic reactions. I am not sure. Instead, I should be blessed I have access to this...

Jim Allen:

My two cents, I have allergies to things, and some are serious, so I think I can appreciate the concern. Allergic reactions can happen to just about anything, so the concern is not stupid but prehaps in your mind blown somewhat out of proportion.

See the meds have benefits vs a small risk of this issue even occurring, even if it does odds are it's just a mild reaction that's just a short term inconvenience usually dealt with by simply discontinuing the exposure and sometimes an antihistamine.

I hope this helps but also talk to your healthcare provider about these concerns. I know the study data on this drug combo were good, example


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