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 a good sense of humor is always your best jar.....

If you manage to live another 100 years, maybe by then they would have figured out a way to grow a new eye ;-)


--- Quote from: Grasshopper on September 17, 2021, 11:12:32 am --- a good sense of humor is always your best jar.....

If you manage to live another 100 years, maybe by then they would have figured out a way to grow a new eye ;-)

--- End quote ---

           ojo.          Hi grasshopper, thanks for your reply…it would be nice to have a new eye, as a matter of fact, no being able to drive, losing my independence, it’s been the worse news of all this journey, it didn’t hurt me found out I was diagnosed with aids, not even when the doctor told me “you may live just two more years” after my dx, but, when I started losing my vision, I started to feel hopeless, lost. I lost the vision of my right eye first, I kept working, nobody at work knew I was blind of that eye, then, I starting having problems with the other eye (no peripheral vision) and then, cornea problems, I see everything blurry, it was the end of my day ndependence, no more driving. ;(…and some of my blindness is due to CMV RETINITIS, and the other part due to medical errors, it is what it is…my last day at work was on augusto 21 of the year 2000, it was a Saturday…I remember having gone to renew my drive’s license and I couldn’t pass the eye examination test that, who ever did the test felt so sorry for me that instead of giving me a DL, he gave me one of those handicapped cards. Maybe, if I would have gotten the DL, maybe, I would have kept working, maybe no, it was dangerous for me and others me driving…well, I’m still alive, living with lots of problems, physical, but, still enjoying life, even, last week, I rode 6 roller coaster at Cedar Point and visited five hunted houses, needless to say that I didn’t get spoook because I couldn’t see lol…hugs


       ojo.           Hello everyone!!!…hoping everyone is doing fine.

Well, after  26 years of taking meds, finally I got my first broken bone (in my foot, not a toe) due to my bones being brittles for my poor bone density, even though I didn’t take tenofovir for a long time (acidosis). My bone has healed by itself but, I was limping for a while, now I have plantar fascitis, I’m wearing a boot, uncomfortable…I guess I can’t complaint after living 14 years of overtime, 2006 I was sent home to wait for an OÍ to kill me as I was resistance to all medications then…I will be fine, I am going back to see the specialist in two weeks…still having cornea problems but, I’m still able to be in here, as for my painful blind eye, I haven’t decided to get rid of it, I wonder if I would look nice as a pirate, lol…no matter what the med’s side effects might be in the future, it’s better to take ARVs because no doing it for being worried about the long term side effects of the meds means DEATH…let’s worry when we have something to worry about in the future, when something goes wrong like in my case, we take care of it, as I’m doing it right now, COMPRENDE?…hugs

Ps. English is my second language, I hope you understand my post


          ojo.         Hi !…happy  HIVersary to me!!!…today, November 29, 27 years ago, I was dying, PCP, AIDS only 20 cd4. I was told that I would live two more years. 27 years later, I’m still here sharing with you that there is hope…yes, there’s life after an hiv diagnosis…I couldn’t be here, alive, if wouldn’t be for my mother whom has been fighting with me since the beginning of this awful journey, especially the first five years after my dx…as I mentioned before in here, one of many times I was admitted to the hospital, one of the nurses of the hospital, whom I knew her for so many times she took care of me, she asked me, “tonny2, wouldn’t be easier to just let go”?, I responded, yes, it might be easier just to quit fighting but, I told her, “do you see that lady sitting on the chair in the corner of my hospital room”?, she said, “yes”, I responded, “well, she is my mother, when she stop fighting I will stop fighting”, she, my mother, was 60 years old then, now, she is 87 years old and still, strong and determined, she still goes with me to all my doctor’s appointments. She is my inspiration and my strength to carry on…again, happy 27 HIVersary to me…hugs

Hello, Tonny2

I want to tell you only this: congratulations and wonderfull.
thanks for everything


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