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Reading this thread made me smile and it gives me so much hope. Thank you so much for making my day! Hope we all can go through this just like you!


          ojo.          Hi Julio, thanks for reading my thread and I appreciate your reply…I’m glad that my story gives you hope and makes you smile, reading your reply also made my day. Since I found these forums, I knew I needed to share my story because I was suppose to die two more years after my AIDS dx and, even though I lived with aids for five more years after my dx, I can’t, still, believe I’m here, that’s why I chose the name of the thread, if there was hope for me, there is hope for all of us, especially nowadys, miracle drugs, it takes just one pill a day, discipline in taking your med and a good attitude, you are back in control of your life…I will read your story and, if you need a shoulder to lean on once in a while, I have two, shoulders. Comprende?…good luck and, remember that, la esperanza muere al último…hugs


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