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           ojo.              Hi crusbarcelona for replying…well, I’m still here after 27 years of living with AIDS (five years, and hiv 22 years. Now, after taking so many medications, I’m having problems with bone density, I had my first broken foot bone, it’s healing now, but, it’s one more pain to deal with Jessie my neuropathy and Bo be eye’s pains, I guess I will reset my brain’s pain control system, hehe, because I don’t take pain’s meds, at least until the pain is unbearable, especially, my eye’s pain, it’s awfull, I’m still debating whether n getting rid of my blind eye. It’s so difficult for me to decide get mutilated, anyway, time will tell…thanks all for reading my story, I hope, it makes some of the newly diagnosed members, realize how lucky they are, after getting the awful dx, that they won’t go through what some of us, LTS, are going through now…just take your “vitamins” everyday, and try, no, TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, that your “vitamin me” will take care of the virus and also think that, in some parts of the world, they don’t have the life saving treatments we have…good luck. There is a great life, after and hiv diagnosis, just be positive now that you are positive…hugs


        ojo.      I hope you guys, can understand, my previous post, being legally blind and using dictation on my cellphone, sometimes, my cellphone decides what to type…sorry


             ojo.          Hello again!!…well one more visit with Dracula some more results. VL=490, hopefully a blip. CD4=798, CD4%=38. Liver, kidneys, etc, normal…I never thought I would see these numbers, even my ID doctor is amazed with these numbers too bad they came to my life too late but, I’m still here…well, let’s wait and see my next visit te the vampire (in six months) to check my VL hopefully it will be UD again…let’s keep living a normal life with our buddy hiv…hugs

BUBBA HUGS my sunshine!!!
I am glad you are still here.  You don't realize that you make me smile and have hope!

Big HUGE Bubba Hugs from Texas!
Thank you of being you and your fantastic self!



          ojo.         Aww!!, my dear friend bubba, you made my day when I read your reply in the morning, thanks for being such a great friend. I really appreciate your kind words and you can count on me if you need someone to talk to, my can even give you my cell phone number so, whenever you feel down we could talk on the phone. That’s what friends are for… I am sending you my I don’t know appreciation and positive vibes. Sunshine


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