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Went to get my labs done yesterday and the technicians had some hip hop music playing. Young people may think of me a prude, but I really didn't think it was a good idea to play hard thumping music in that environment.. think it should've been something soft, don't care what kind as long as it's mello, or nothing at all.

It was weird cause the tech who took my blood said to me she hated that music.. I just shrugged and thanked her for taking my blood. I was already stressed so I didn't want to talk about how inappropriate I thought it was.

On my way home, turned on my radio and this old love song played.. really didn't realize just how beautiful a love song that is, and how old I've become.

Isley Brothers- Living for the Love of You


Brokedown Palace

Farewell greg


Hope everyone is doing well  :) .

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

Lenny Kravitz - Thinking Of You

Happy Valentine's Day to all❤..

Lumineers - Brightside


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