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labwork, rain and bumper cars

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Good thing it was only a little bump and not something worse.

Does this mean you don't  like getting it from behind?   ;)

Glad you're ok.

....-Clenches teeth to hold back Smartass remark...... :-X :-X :-X

Perhaps you should contact The Tough, Smart, Lawyer. you know, one of those late night Commercial douchebags that wears a fedora and promises to get you a six figure settlement for something thad didn't even chip the paint. I was in a very similar accident several years ago, and my insurance company wound up shelling out Eight grand  for an accident that didn't even scratch the other cars bumper. they eventually got it all back and then someafter raising my premiums by about 50%....
 Ive always told myself that if I ever got rear ended, in a car, make that in a car accident, that Id immediately do a tactical and vicious nose pick thereby producing a dramatic nosebleed and clutch my neck while screaming " Oh Dear God I cant feel My Legs" and possibly soil myself, and/or go into convulsions. Maybe the nosebleed part might not be a real hot idea, but I could definitely manage to foam at the mouth.... And you can bet your freshly rear ended Ass that I'd play the AIDS card too. Instant Karma baby.
I may be a bit bitter, but every time I think about the lady, who resembled Big Mamma in several ways, looking at my Insurance card and saying " State Farm !  OOOh they Pay off Good !!!"  I get flustered.

Personally, I say Make the bitch Pay !!!!
Lwood , who is amazed that spillchecker  caught my incorrect spelling of Douche Bag. Love this upgrade.

  Any thoughts on getting rear ended in the back seat of a car?  Was that Big Mamma 1 or 2.  Any chance of getting you to prove your naked under that water?  ;D


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