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Indeterminate Western Blot - Calling from New Zealand



Six weeks after a blood test to identify why I had swollen and painful eyes, I got a phone call telling me I was HIV+. 

A couple of weeks later I finally got to see an infectious disease specialist who advised me the results were as follows:

"Western Blot: Indeterminate.

The HIV/antibody assay gave MODERATE level reactivity.  Banding present on Western Blot is highly suggestive of early HIV seroconversion.  Please send repeat specimen in 3-5 weeks time."

The specialist also told me that it was probable that I am positive despite the only sexual contact I had within the two month period before symptoms was safe (ie: I wore a condom - and I'm circumcised - which I believe reduces chances further).  As he said, "we all have stuff that we are not prepared to talk about...".  I have to confess that whereby not an Angel, I have lived a somewhat conservative sexual life of recent.

An hour later and $380 poorer I was sitting on the street hailing a taxi numb.  All the information I had was a lab request for a 2nd text which the doctor had handwritten the works "Probable HIV".  A week later I phoned him asking for directions to some written information etc but didn't get much chop.

The net seems to tell you what ever you want to hear so not sure what to believe.

Due to out of town work commitments I cannot get my 2nd test until next week as the specialist wanted me to go back to the same place I had it done originally.  It's been six weeks and I'm confused and lacking faith in the medical specialists.

Help.  Can anyone shed some light on some truth about indeterminate results?


Indeterminate results, means not positive or negative.


An indeterminate WB is usually read as negative. I would think that you are hiv negative, but you do need to test again to be certain.

A negative test result at 12-13 weeks past your last unprotected encounter will be conclusive.

Good luck - let us know how it goes.


Thank you guys for your response.  I have also been advised that the medications I was on when the text was done (Paroxetine for 6 years, Steroids - for the eye swelling and antibiotics) all could have an effect on the banding - especially since I was advised from the same text that I showed some liver damage.

Am holding onto hope.

I have been in the same position as you so I know what you are going through.  I am super glad you found us and there are so many great people on here.  Keep us up on what is going on.
Take Care


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