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Str8Talk - Unique Hetero support group in London


Seeing straight
Itís very good to see a basically hetero support group such as STR8 Talk finally making some progress [Straight From The Hip, PN 119, February]. As someone who has himself tried launching a website and running such a group, I appreciate the effort Nicole and Martin have put into it. Unfortunately, I live in leafy Hertfordshire and find it all but impossible to attend these meetings and nights out. I also have a lousy clinic, social services that donít give a toss, and, if it werenít for my own efforts in finding a partner, I would be completely isolated, only 30 miles from central London. Iím genuinely happy for those Londoners who can benefit from the group, but when will there be support and friendship for those of us in the sticks? Or do I have to sacrifice my beautiful view and move back to the big smoke?
Allan, Hertfordshire

Straight support
Your article on STR 8 Talk was a fantastic read. Congratulations to Martin and Nicole for spotting a gap in the market and with very little in the way of resources developing an obviously much needed and appreciated service. Though we have been struggling with the idea of developing such a service in Birmingham for too long, your article has finally prompted some action. As for being a Ďminorityí, well, arenít we all?
Tom M


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