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Questions about HIV Treatment and Drug Assistance in Toronto

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I just found out I am POZ 3 weeks ago since I have some symptoms for long time. I am so scared and sad. The HIV totally destroys my life. I guess I got the infection a couple years ago from a surgery.
I like to ask some questions about HIV treatment in Toronto. Hope I can get answers from the people in the family.

1: Are there good hospitals or clinics to treat the disease In Toronto? Is there almost the same drug line in Canada as in USA?
2: Can I easy to get any financial support and drugs support from Ontario.
3: In USA there is AIDS Drug Assistance Program to help people to get the free drugs, but in Ontario, Canada there is only Trillium Drug Program. For the Trillium Drug Program I can only get the assistance for the next year, right? Also there are two programs called Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works; could I easily get in the two programs since I am POZ?

Thanks in advance.

Although I'm near to Toronto, my situation is a little different than yours. I'd suggest getting in touch with the people at the Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT) as they will no doubt be able answer the many questions you pose here. Their website can be found at

I know I thought initially that HIV "destroyed" my life but I'm starting to see the clouds move from the skies - not just because it's a glorious summer - but also because of my outlook on life. HIV positive people still have lots and lots of life in them. Just take a look around at the helpful, supportive people here! I encourage you to also see the "good" and make the best of the situation you now find yourself in. It's not always easy but there's much in life yet to still appreciate. Enjoy it to the full.



I'm sorry about your diagnosis.   It always makes me sad to welcome new people to the 'world of HIV'.   The good news is, many of us have lived a LONG time with this virus!  There is a good possibility you may never progress to AIDS, if you monitor your health and take charge of it early on.

Why are you thinking about disability?   Believe me, you do not want to be on disability.   Plan to go on with your life!   That may sound strange to you, but trust me, you can certainly lead a happy and productive life.

I do not know anything about services available to you in Toronto, but hopefully someone will be able to offer you some advice.

Good luck in your journey, and let us know how you are doing.

HIV positive since 1987


Sorry, I can't help with your Toronto questions.  But, welcome to the forums.  I'm sure someone will help you out with your questions - or at least be able to point you in the right direction.

Stay strong and welcome again.




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