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I'm beginning communications with the catering manager from the Stratosphere. Is everyone interested in doing a meet & greet on Friday evening? If so, please let me know what you would like. I'm presuming a cash bar is a must.

Their catering typically starts at around $40 per person with a 20 person minimum. I've already told them we are a group on a budget. They're willing to work with us.

What is the most you would like to spend? Do want a sit down style event, buffet, or finger foods? Keep in mind we're a fairly small group this year, so we don't have as much buying power as we've had at past events. However, I'll do my best to ensure a memorable event at a reasonable price based on your feedback.


Friday Eve sounds great.

I kinda like the idea of a buffet (like we had in Boston). I think Sit down would be too "stuffy", but that's just my opinion.

As far as cost, 40ish is fine with me.


I ditto the Friday evening suggestion.  I imagine we will be in the $40 range which is acceptable to me.  I also think the buffet style, appetizer type food will work best for our group.  I sure hope we can get 20 people.  Vegas is relatively inexpensive still and this is such an opportunity for those who haven't attended one of our events.


Friday night is good.and $40 is fine.

Jan :-*

agree friday is good  and the 40 ish is OK with me....



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