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Título: boston pride & macys on aids-write.org
Publicado por: rk@aids-write.org en Junio 10, 2006, 02:42:31 am

wanted you to know about the recent group of posts on aids-write.org

nine juxtaposed interactive interrelated new posts on aids-write.org:
macy’s celebrates gay pride in boston by mounting, then removing “most offensive part” of “boston pride” display window (two “gay” mannequins with pecs and nipples showing thru shirts, one wearing a rainbow flag-like beach towel) after an effective pressure campaign is quickly & successfully grandstanded by anti-gay group massResistance, formerly article 8. all sides are pissed at macy’s/federated.

322.1 suite sheet
322.2 overview: two news items from boston
322.3 wingnuts
322.4 brian camenker—wikipedia entry & link
322.5 brian camenker—towleroad entry & link
322.6 boston herald columnist/radio talkshow host marnie eagan blasts camenker & link
322.7 brian canmaker in response & link (massResistenceWatch)
322.8 brian canmaker’s successful campaign: seven things to learn
322.9 cindy beal on brian canmaker’s tactics in 2000 & link

--richard kearns