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Sustiva (efavirenz)


any one else been taking this since it was approved.

just got a new ID doc who asked me why I have been on the same regiment for so long ?

it has been about four or so ID docs who over the past three decades plus .  who's counting.   they keep retiring.    they get old too   

they stuck by this drug because of effectiveness?     

was taking novir and abacavir , after kidney stones was switched from norvir to dolutegravir. 

new drug I will be taking is  Triumeq   > I had been on 3tc in the past . back in around 1995 with AZT and then later with other drugs , have not taken it in about fifteen years .

my last Tcell cd4 , 991     undetectable viral load .

can not wait to finally be free of the sustiva dreams.   

I have been lucky only to loss a kidney from medication stones   

the fat gut and other HIV drug related things after thirty years of this HIV burden

things have gone well . gotten old as to be expected with the passage of time


I hope every one else is doing well , all the best



Can't give any comment on Sustiva, as I was never on it. I was on the other Non-nuke Viramune (Nevirapine), and didn't have any issues.

I was Triumeq for a while, and then switched to Bictarvy. While my numbers were good on those medications, in my case, the weight gain in the gut area was unacceptable to me,  So I went back to Epzicom ( Once a day)and Viramune ( Twice a day).

 I also had a drop in Kidney function ( Egfr) on both Triumeq and Bictarvy which went back to normal function after switching back to Viramune and Epzicom. The drop in kidney function was obvious, with my ID doctor. So your doctor may want to monitor that as well.

Good luck with the new medication.



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